Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Hope you are doing fine! Sorry for my absence, I was busy last week. Things like tests at school, tenniscompetition, hanging out.
I went to Remember Me this Sunday, with Anna, my sister Tjorven and our friend Chichi, and it was a beautiful movie. It's very miserable and sad, but I liked it.
I guess that I would never have gone to see it if it weren't with Robert Pattinson, but even if it hadn't been him, I would have loved the movie. It's just a nice bonus that it's him having the leading part. And all this hotness isn't bad, either.
O god, I love him x3 (Anna loves him, too)
It actually was quite funny, we bought the tickets, and wanted to walk in, and there was this poster of the movie, and I was like: 'Aaah, look!'
And the guy who had to control the tickets - he was quite cute, too - : 'What movie are you going... Oh, that one. Okay, have fun!'
I knew how the movie ended, so I brought tissues, and when the movie was ending, I gave them to Tjorven and Anna, and we were all holding hands and all hoping it would end well, but it didn't - of course. And when the screen went dark and we thought it was over, Tjorven screamed: 'This is such an anticlimax!'
And she continued: 'Oh, wait, it's not over yet.'
It really, really, really was sad! Don't go there without your tissues!
(but definitely go, you have to see it)
So that much for sad movies and sexy actors...
I love flowers! My Mom bought these last week to decorate the living room, and she bought yellow flowers for the dining room and our magnoliatree is so beautiful now, it's blossoming all over! (I'll see if I can take a pic of that this week)

Lovely lovely lovely!
Have a nice day!

With love,

''Everything you do in life will be useless.
But you have got to do it.
Because no one else will.''