Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Ice, Ice Baby!

Hey hey hey!

It started yesterday and it still is snowing right now. It's cold and the roads are slippery and it's hell dangerous.
But still, how could I not like it?

And as you can see, I changed some things around here. My blog now is called "The girl with the dreams," which is me. I have a lot of dreams, and today's is:
"I dream of going back to Peru to see all the beautiful things again, to check if they really are as beautiful as I remember them (I'm sure they're even more beautiful than I remember them). I want to have fun with all my friends there again, and feel good because of doing something good for another person. Wouldn't that be wonderful?"

This Saturday, some of my Peru-friends went skating together. I was there, as you can see in the picture. We had so much fun, even though we all fell down occasionally (For me, it was slightly more than just "Occasionally," actually...).
But we had great fun and usually we only laughed if we fell.
And as you can see, we did some cultural exchange indeed. We know about Peru now, and we showed our Peruvian guide and friend Hubert (third from right) some typical Dutch traditions. He did well, the skating, I mean. He really tried his best. Go Hubert!
It is so nice to have such friends! We are all so different, but it doesn't matter, it just works out very well, so that's definitely great!
What about going back next year all together?
I'm in, no doubt!

And tomorrow will be the first of December, which means it will only be 24 days to Christmas! Which reminds me, I still have to buy everyone's presents.
I went to the garden center again today, with my mother and my grandma, and I decided I'm going to collect pictureframes and make one big picture-wall on my room showing the joyful moments of my life. The picture above certainly is going to be in there!

Now tell me, are you looking forward to Christmas? Do you like snow? Do you already feel stressed out because you don't know which presents to buy?

Even if you think it's not going to work out, I'm sure it will ;-)
Cause in the end, Christmas is all about my favorite word, love.

With love,

Friday, November 26, 2010

Sorry Matthijs...

Yes, I'm truly, deeply, honestly sorry for not putting your name in my blog about my friends from Peru.
So what about this, I'm giving you an entire post! Isn't that wonderful?
Happy now? ^^

That's him! With a sweet little Peruvian girl, of course.

P.S.: Matthijs, I say what I want. If I want to say "skating on ice," I say skating on ice.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Friends all over the world


Long time no posting, I know and I'm sorry, but I have been so busy, you don't even want to know. So I'll just skip that part and come to the point, I guess.

Remember I went to Peru? If not, you know it now.
Today was the presentation of the book which was made of our journey!
The presentation was so cool, there were people from all the countries which are part of Global Exploration, so from India, Nepal, Tanzania and Peru, and they held speeches and told us what the journeys had meant for them. And the book is beautiful, though I haven't really taken close looks at it, because my parents and sister immediately wanted to see it. But it's okay, I don't have to see the book to remember, I've actually been there!

But above all, it was so nice to see everyone again, I was really looking forward to that. We've gone through so many things together, we experienced so much and we have had such a great time together. And even though we hadn't seen each other for months (some of them, then), as we saw each other again tonight, it was just fine again. We just went on where we have been, as friends, as a group. Our Peruvian guide Hubert was there too, he's in the Netherlands for a few days, and we're going skating on ice with him Saturday! So cool, I just hope I'll survive, as I can't skate...

The picture above shows us in the Parque del Amor, Lima, at the second day of the trip. It was cold and cloudy , so we all wore our Grotius/Bernardinus College sweaters which had been made for us. Maybe not the most fashionable thing to wear, but they were so comfortable and warm, which was more important...
And on the lower picture, it's us again, this time in our Global Exploration-shirts, in front of Machu Picchu... Do I need to say more?

God, do I miss it!

With love,

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Hi baby...


I'm just doing a quick post before I get back to biology again.
We are in a testweek once again, so I won't have much time for posting this week.
Tomorrow's biology test will be about 75 pages of information. Seventy-five! It's not human, it's ridiculous, it's crazy, it's not fair, it's way too much!
That's what we told our teacher, but she was just like: "No, of course you will all do fine!"
Well, I still have to see that myself.
But I'll stay positive, and my Dad will help me when he gets home, so I hope it's going to end up well. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

The face of the baby on the picture has been in our house as long as I can remember, and my grandparents have the same one. I like the way the light flows in at the image, and the baby is so cute. I love babies ^^
My parents made me watch our old homevideos the other night, and I laughed really hard at the stupidity I had when I was little. Babies are cute cute cute!

Guess that's all I got for now, really should go back into the books...
Remember to love!

With love,

P.S.: It's almost Christmas! No, it's not. But still, it's almost Christmas! ^^