Sunday, December 11, 2011

I can't wait to see those faces

These are the days when the air is cold and fresh in the morning.
The days when the air feels heavy and smoky in the late afternoon.
The days you come home with red cheeks and frozen fingers from blowing winds.
And then, when you walk the driveway to the front door, yell: "I'm home!" and open the door, it feels like coming home in every way it could.

Tripping puppy toes on the wooden floor. Songs playing on the readio softly. Light in the garden, in the living room. It feels like they're in my body, too.

These days always pass in a blur.
It goes too fast, too slow. There's too little time to get everything fixed and perfect in time, yet it always works out. Presents, dinners, meetings. Family, friends, decoration.
I've always loved this time of the year.

Come home, make yourself comfy-cosy on the couch with a good cup of hot tea and a lovely chicklit or your favorite classic.
Watch all the movies on the television, sing along with the songs and put on the loveliest Christmas tree.
It's all a lovely tradition and makes a big difference.

But this year, I feel like I have a problem.
I've had the very same feeling every year, but it always is over when December starts, at last.
And now, it just won't leave me and I don't know what to do about it, but:

I just don't know what to ask for Christmas!

I already have everthing I need and more, so what is left for me to ask for?
So the only things I'll ask for this year are loads of snow, loads of glitter, candle light, a warm home and as always love, lots of it.
And every gift received, is a nice bonus.
Every gift given, is entirely different. It's a smile received.
And I believe that that is much better.

With love,

So this is Christmas, and what have you done ?
Another year over and a new one just begun.

And so this is Christmas, I hope you have fun.
The near and the dear ones, the old and the young.

A very merry Christmas

And a happy New Year.
Let's hope it's a good one
Without any fear.

And so this is Christmas for weak and for strong
(War is over if you want it)
For rich and the poor ones the world is so wrong

(War is over now)
And so Happy Christmas for black and for white

(War is over if you want it)
For yellow and red ones, let's stop all the fight.

(War is over now).

- John Lennon -

Monday, November 21, 2011

This dream was me and you.

I happened to come across some pictures my sister took about half a year ago.
Surprised, interested, I started watching them.
Surprised because I immediately noticed that I knew all these places the pictures were showing me.
Interested, because I wondered if she would have seen the same things I saw two years earlier.

Of course, nothing was exactly the same. The weather conditions were different, she had a newer camera than I had, she did some other things.
But I was glad to find the city itself hasn't changed and still is as beautiful as I remember it.

Let's take a trip through some pictures, through two different minds that are the same somehow, too.
Two different persons seeing the same things. In different ways.

The coast of Blanes still looks the same... Only sunnier.
Doesn't mean less pretty. Just means different.

The sky still is blue, the leaves still are green.
The trees might have grown taller. Some might have fallen down, others might have been born out of the earth. But in this abundant garden, I don't think a chance is visible...

The sea still has that incredible attraction on me.
Do you know that feeling, when you see the sea, you just have to feel the waves, the water?

The sun still sparkles on the water, making you want to squeeze your eyes rather than looking away.

There still are birds. Though I'm not sure where my sister took this picture with the geese, I liked the fact that she also seems to like taking pictures of animals. I only wished I had seen these geese too...

The city still has it all.
The fuzzy crowded side of the city, the lovely mediterrenean influence of a southern city.

You can still see the most incredible colors. You still can buy anything you would want.
I still must smell like fresh fruit and vegetetables there...

It still is a place where I would imagine fairies living.

It's still so colorful, so lovely and such a nice place to go with friends.

It still is crazy, somehow. GaudĂ­, DalĂ­, all these great artists have had the biggest influence, and it's like nothing else I know.

The Sagrada Familia still isn't finished. Even after two years, though they must have done a lot on the inside. I saw the pictures, and it's so interesting to see the building changing. Once it's ready, I really want to go back...

There are details everywhere, now even more than two years ago.
You never are done looking around.

Comparing my own pictures to the ones my sister took, I can't deny the similarity that shows up now and then.
But what makes me wonder, is this: We both saw the same things, in the same city, same circumstances. I love the city and the people, the feeling. My sister doesn't like it at all. I can't even imagine someone not immediately loving it.
It might only be a different way of experiencing. Show two people the very same thing, and they won't see the same.

But sometimes, just sometimes, I wonder if I'm the only one who sees things in a different way.
And I wouldn't want it any other way.

With love,

I had this perfect dream.
This dream was me and you.
I want all the world to see,
A miracle sensation,
My guide and inspiration.
Now my dream is slowly coming true.

The wind is a gentle breeze,
The bells are ringing out.

They're calling us together, guiding us forever.
Wish my dream would never go away

Barcelona! It was the first time that we met.
Barcelona! How can I forget?
The moment that you stepped into the room,
You took my breath away.

- Freddie Mercury - 

Saturday, November 5, 2011


A post dedicated to those who lost the fight.
To those who still are fighting.
To those who will have to fight.
And above all, to those who have won the fight.

October Breast Cancer Month is over now, but I still wanted to share the prettiest pictures taken from Pink Ribbon Magazine.
I don't think it's something we only have to think about once a year. It happens everyday, everywhere.
So, just before we could forget...

A future without cancer. Without the pain, the loss, the need to fight.
Will it ever be like that?
I can only dream about things like that, and maybe, one day, I could do something for those fighters.

In ten, fifteen years, I want to be the one that says: "We did what we can, and it's gone."
I also will have to be the one to tell people something they never want to hear.
But I will do whatever I can to make a difference.
Every person is another one, every life saved a miracle.

I've been wondering about the future lately. I really hope I can realise one of my biggest dreams; studying medicine and become a doctor. It's what I've always wanted, and I know I'll never want something else.
But can I handle the job? Am I strong enough to look someone in the eyes and say: "I'm sorry to tell you this, but you have cancer, and there is nothing we can do about it anymore."?

I'm not sure. I hope I am. And if I'm not, I'll find something else to live happily with.

Every ending is a new beginning. You have to close the old doors to open new ones.
A new beginning doesn't have to feel good right from the start. You might grow used to it.
You always have a choice.
And if you just keep in mind some lessons I always try to think of when everything seems to be going wrong, I'm sure it will be better.

First: Love is the solution for so many problems.
Love and time can heal all wounds, if you only let them. If you feel bad, call your best friend, talk to your mother, play with your pet.
Prevent yourself from feeling lonely and sad. You never are alone.

Second: Life is a precious gift we're given. Don't waste it.
Time always is too short. Make sure you never regret things for not doing them.
Be crazy, be yourself, do what you feel like. If it's dancing on the table and singing out loud, then dance on the table and sing. If it's crawling under the covers and relax, do so.
But just make sure you are doing it because you want to.

Third: Never forget to smile and be kind.
Reach out your hand when that's what someone needs. Help them to get up again, take these first insecure steps together. It makes everyone stronger.
Be nice to yourself. It's who you have to live your life with.

Now, all that is left for me to say, is never give up. No matter what you're fighting for.

With love,

And you know, and you know
'Cause my life's a mess
And I'm trying to grow
So before I'm old I'll confess:
You think that I'm strong
You're wrong, you're wrong
I'll sing my song, my song, my song.

If I did it all again I'd be a nun
The rain was never cold when I was young
I'm still young, we're still young
Life's too short to be afraid
Step inside the sun.

- Robbie Williams - 

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Feed me sweet love

Pour drops of sweetness on my skin.
Make them linger there, make them stay.
I want to feel them melting on my skin, the way your warmth mixes with mine.
There are so many different ways to feel, to say, to do and to experience things.
It's all about perceptive, perspective.

Same things. Different image.
Change a little detail, look at it in a different way, and it's clearer immediately.
But still, the inner core, its heart, remains the same...
Does looking in a different way change anything at all then?

I think it does.
Look at it front-faced, don't be afraid to look things right in the eyes and say: "Here I am."
Fear never brings wise decisions. It brings doubts, troubles, blurred minds. Who would want that?
Face your fears.
Face your feelings.
Face everything and everyone that crosses your path.
Let it overtake you, let it get you.
It might be something beautiful...

With love,

If you can't wake up in the morning
Cause your bed lies vacant at night
If you're lost, hurt, tired or lonely
Can't control it, try as you might
May you find that love that won't leave you
May you find it by the end of the day
You won't be lost, hurt, tired and lonely
Something beautiful will come your way.

- Robbie Williams - 

Thursday, October 20, 2011

I'd like you to meet someone

Remember that I told you I had something to tell you this week?
Well, here comes the big news...

When I came home yesterday night, I was welcomed by the sound of little, hopping paws, and then a tiny, warm creature sniffing around my shoes.
I immediately fell in love. Again.
It's a good thing I have a lot of love to share with everyone... 

This is Sepp, the new subject of my affection.
Eight weeks old today, and he's such a cutie. Just like a baby, making cute sounds, sleeping a lot, getting used to everything, from his collar to everything in our house, including us.
It's so cute how he runs around the rooms, slipping on our floor, jumping and just being adorable.

His favorite spots: Under the couch, on your leg, or on your lap, and then falling asleep there. I don't mind, how could you ever get up when he's lying there, making these quiet sounds, his tiny nose vibrating slightly.
It's going to be a little naughty one, I can assure you. Do I mind? Not really...

He's so small, but he sure will grow so fastly. I can't wait for him to be little taller, so we can go for longer walks with him and he won't be that shy anymore.
I do understand it, of course, we just took him home yesterday, away from his mother and his siblings, I wouldn't like that either...
But I do hope he'll feel like home at our house soon!

With love, 

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Fall colors

Sun shines through the glass roof.
It warms my arms, my neck, my hair.
Here in our garden, it seems like summer still is on it's highest peak.
But if you look better, it's evidently there.

The greens are starting to loose.
Red, orange, yellow, brown is taking over the world outside.
I can't say I don't like it.
Red is warm, it's the color you see when you look at the sun and close your eyes...

Autumn is cosy.
Rainy days are perfect for creating things, from baking a perfect cake to painting.
Reading, writing, or going outside for a long walk in the forest.
Falling leafs smell so good...

In the morning and evening, as the sun starts to rise or to set, I do miss the warming feeling it ususally provides me with when I'm going outside.
But there are other things that manage to keep me warm. I love warm sweaters, fuzzy blankets, hot tea and lying comfy-cosy on the couch with a good movie on the TV.
But above all and more important, love warms us all from the inside out.
And there's nothing better than that.

With love,

P.S.:  I can't wait for next week. I have something to tell you then.

One day you'll look to see I've gone
For tomorrow may rain, so I'll follow the sun.
Some day you'll know I was the one
But tomorrow may rain, so I'll follow the sun.
And now the time has come
And so my love I must go.
And though I lose a friend,
In the end you will know.
One day you'll find that I have gone
But tomorrow may rain, so I'll follow the sun.
Yes, tomorrow may rain, so I'll follow the sun.

- The Beatles -

Thursday, October 6, 2011


The opposite of hate is not love.
It is intimacy.
It's being close to someone, something.
It's being able to tell anything without being ashamed.
It's saying what's on your mind.
Above all, it's being yourself. 

If you come closer and look better, you will see so many things you never noticed before
Look at the sea and see the glistening waves.
Look at a friend and notice you share the same thought.
Look into someone's eyes and suddenly they're multi-colored.
Look into someone's soul and feel it's alright.

Details make things worth looking at.
They make you wanna get closer, they make you wanna understand the complexity that hides behind the simple things.
Nothing is perfect, no one is perfect.
But these details, these little things!
Above all, they make things beautiful. 

Sparkles, flowers, patterns. Colors, patches, dots.
These details, once again.
Everything we know is built out of parts.
Every little flower has dozens of petals, perfect for plucking: "Love me, love me not, love me, love me not..."
Every person has his own whims, the things that make you one-of-a-kind.
We're all pretty, we shine and sparkle and enlight.

Little surprises are hidden everywhere.
They are there to catch us when we least expect it, and therefore we call them surprises.
Never expect, always be prepared for what might come.
But also let everything come to you. It might wash you over, it might bring you down.
But there will be things that will bring you up again, make you stronger, make it worth it. 

Adore who loves you. Love who adores you.
Laugh with these who make you laugh. Laugh because of yourself.
Accept that it's not always the way you want it to be. Make it that way, then.
Go for it. 
Don't rush, take your time to relax. 
Smell the flowers, the grass, the ocean.
Hold on tight when you found what you've been looking for.

With love,

I know a way to something much better
Hold it inside me
I know a fairytale that 's longer
Than anyone will read
I know a way to something much higher
Keep it inside me
I know the way to touch the sky

Into the light we go, we 're speeding
With all headlights on
I know the glory moment's approaching
This can go so wrong
I know a way to something much higher
Keep it inside me
We 're away from today and this time.

- Sunrise Avenue -