Saturday, May 19, 2012

Let's take a walk together

I'm sorry for my long absence. I really am.
I just have a lot on my mind lately.
Finals have started and I have to do well to get a decent shot at being accepted for Medicine. There's nothing I want more, yet I can't do more than I'm already doing, so let's just keep our fingers crossed.
I've found myself in an emotional tornado once again and I took a lot of time to figure out how to solve the problems that were bothering me.
But I think I have found the solution. 

And in the meantime, when there was a moment I could escape from all this, I found some gorgeous things too. I want to take you with me on a trip through my grandparents' garden, a place full of colors and brightness.

It's always a surprise what you will find there this time. Flowers, antiques, paintings or sculptures, it's all there. It is like those little shops where they sell little things for your house which you don't need, but just want. You can wander around every day, and every day you will find something new.

It's like a museum sometimes. Though what I find there isn't the most exquisite art, it is pretty and it makes me want to discover more. That garden reminds me of Rome; the art, the warmth, the memories.
I took some of my first steps there, climbed trees, plucked all the flowers and built cabins with my cousin and my sisters.

It's exactly how I imagine a garden during Summer. Flowers growing everywhere, coming down from canopies like rain, climbing up the walls, overwhelming you with their bright colors and sweet smell.
I just love flowers.

And in the back of this wonderful garden, there's a place you will find when you're past the flowers, went along the trees and the terrace.
Take ten steps north at the big blue flowers. Then take fourteen little hops to the right, five pirouettes forward and keep walking until you found the place you want to be.
X doesn't mark the spot. A home does.

With love,

This is the life we've been given
So open your mind and start living

We can play a part if we only start believing
This is the life we've been given
So open your heart and start loving
We can make a start if we only learn to listen

Then the crowd began to head for the horizon
A million people walking back to work
But you and me, we just lay down in the garden

Yeah you and me, we just lay down in the garden.

- Take That -