Sunday, February 28, 2010

Gonna spread my wings!

Wow, what a week! So busy, but so much fun!
At first, I turned 16 last Tuesday, so that was great. Finally 16, so now I'm allowed to go out, to drink alc, and to drive a scooter! (my exam went well, I thought it was harder)
I got a lot of presents, and we went for dinner with the family.
This is my party outfit, inculding my new Prada's! Oh, I love them!

The presents I got from my sisters and parents: earrings, a necklace, a scarf (all matching to the Prada's), Wreck this Journal, and some money to buy a laptop.

My sister Tjorven bought me this shirt. Oh, by the way, it's 14th her birthday today, so: 'Sissie, happy birthday!'

And Friday, it was party time! No sixteenth brtihday without a Super Sweet Sixteen Party!
It was sooo much fun, I did an Hollywood-theme, very funny, we danced, drank lots of alc and had a good time.
Too bad there was this bunch of assholes trying to ruin it, they were so annoying, smoting berebottles on the street, drinking too much and wanting to smoke pot, asocials.
Everyone was glad when they were gone, it was more fun without them.

The biggest idiots in the world (but my friends, too): Vicky & Stefan

BFF's eternally! (Vicky, Jasmijn, I, Anna)

Some old friends: Jeroen and I. We've been playing in the mudd together and still are good friends.

My tennis-friends, Carmen, Shannen (yeah, twins) and Madou

Anna and Stefanie

Nadja, Dide and Sammy

Jasmijn and her boyfriend Jordy

Stefan, Vicky, Stefanie and Hilde (look at their poses)

Give them an 'aaaahw!'

Jasmijn and her oldest friend and neighbor: Tim

Seems like Benedikt likes Sammy's shoes..

Give me some gangsta: Fleur and Jessy, our other cute couple

I gave Marthijn the Best Smile Award for this one ;-)

Niels, Paul, Jeroen and Tim. (actually, Paul was the only one who was sober all night, which is visible here.)

Ahw, brotherlove: Jesse, Danny and Jordy

Raoul, Benedikt and Robert like dancing (as far as you could call it dancing.)

Laurean and Maud

Jasmijn and Jesse (he should keep his food in next time)

And his tongue, too!

Fleur and I

Okay, we were slightly drunk..

Danny, Jordy, Jasmijn.

Our 'Party-without-an-ending-crew'.

Some of the presens: The picframe was bought by Jasmijn, she put pictures of us in it, so cute! And I got new headphones for my iPod, heartshaped and glittering, which was perfect, 'cause my old ones are broken. And Anna gave me a skilesson! So cool, that is going to be so much fun!

So, after all, it was a great party, we had lots of fun and I wanted to thank everybody for their presence and gifts, so: 'Thanks, guys!'

xoxo, Kirsten

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Back home and lots to do...

Oh, it's good to be home again!
I had a good time on my trip, it was all very relaxed, no have-to's, just want-to's. We did a little shopping, went swimming, hung around, read a lot, that sort of things.
But there's no place like home.
And I'm very glad I don't have to share a bed with my sister anymore. Damn, she was so annoying.
The picture above is from Dior's Valentine's Day newsletter, which I received last week.
And though I don't like Valentine's Day that much (I think it's not about love, but about commercial stuff), I like the picture, there's something about it, some air of mystery and ladylike flair.
Maybe it has something to do with the word Love.
I like the word, in almost every language. Love. Amor. Liefde. L'amour. Liebe.
It's all about love, love, love!

Took this picture on the road. I was surprised I managed to take a nice pic through the window of the car while driving. I really like the red sun and pink air, it looks magical.

And it immediately brings me to a romantic mood, so lightly and happy, dreamy. I think I'm going to write on my story, it's something I like to do when I feel like that.
But I actually don't have time to write...
I should clean up my room, work on my English paper (a bookreport, mine is about New Moon, so that's easy), learn for my scooter-exam, and tomorrow my family comes to celebrate my birthday, which is Tuesday, but tomorrow was the best day available. And my Sweet Sixteen Party will be next Friday, and there's a lot to prepare for that, too...
Busy Busy Busy!

So I think it's better if I stop writing here now and go working...

xoxo, Kirsten

Friday, February 12, 2010

Carnivalish Holidays

Gosh, I should be over here more often, I guess.. Too bad I don't think I will be up to post a lot this week, since I'm going on a holiday trip.
Which I actually like. We're not going far, to the coast (yeah, these Dutch beaches rock), CenterParcs in Zeeland. And we have a cottage with a sauna!
So it's gonna be relaxing till I'm tired again! Though I want to do some active stuff, too.. Good thing there's a huge tropical pool, and we could hike or something...
On the other hand... All my friends are going to celebrate Carnaval this week, everyone is going out and dance and have fun.
And it's a bit sour when everyone asks: 'Hey, are you coming to the Tent, too?', while you are away and can't be there.
But, no worries, I'll be there next year!
And I'm sure I'll have a good time on vacantion.. I'm going to take a huge pile of books with me, some new, some old favs. I got me Life's too short to frost a Cupcake, and The Host, and I take my Shopaholic books with me, and Not quite a Bride, so I won't get bored :D
And I did a little Carnaval last week, I went to Cologne with my parents, that was fun! I was dressed up as a witch, and my hat was so cool! All purple and feathers and ribbons.
And oooh, by the way, I got new shoes! (yes, again) I got Prada's, and they're soooooo pretty! (and high. I can't walk on them, I'm going to learn that this week).
I'll post pics of them when I'm back.

So, enjoy your holidays, or Carnaval, have fun, relax, don't drink too much, keep it cool and like we say over here when we celebrate Carnaval: 'Alaaf!' ;-)

Love, Kirsten

Monday, February 1, 2010

A scent of expectation...

Loads to tell now, I haven't been still:
  • It's another PTA-week, I've made six tests already and still have to do four.
  • I started planning my Sweet Sixteen Party, which I will throw this month.
  • Lonneke and I lost a tennismatch at our tenniscourse from Shannen and Carmen with 6-0 (hey, that's a Sunrise Avenue song, haha. I really like that song) and now we're sending funny messages to each other on hyves.
  • It's snowing again...
  • I went to a birthday, my granddad's brother turned 80, and there were like... 15 people younger than 50. But we had fun with Robert and Maria, they're cool.
  • And Friday...

Friday I went to school, Maths test and German, easy, after school Dylan and I went to the gym, exercising, got home, tenniscourse, lost that match, back home, having dinner, painting my hair again (I have to color it every two weeks, the pink tone fades), and then... prepare for the school ball!
Everyone had been looking forward to it so much, and especially the girls we're getting excited and talked about it a lot.
'Do you already have your dress?'
'Sure, it's so pretty! What's yours like?'
'Mine is black, with red and purple flowers, a bit Kimono-style, it's really cool! And yours?'
'Black, too, sleeveless, with black and blue glitters!'
'Sounds nice. And shoes? What kind of shoes are you going to wear?'

I'm sure you recognize this, the excited, light kind of chitchatting in which girls are pro's.
I was planning to go with Anna, but she couldn't make it, so I would go with Jasmijn, but she chucked me for her boyfriend Jordy. I actually kinda expected that, so I wasn't surprised or something, and I don't blame her.
I don't understand why everyone was so desperate to get a date, I didn't mind going alone at all. You meet your friends there anyway, so why bother? The only thing is the preparation, it's more fun to do that together, but still, being alone has its advantages...

I could almost say I prefer the preparation to the ball itself, locking myself in the bathroom for hours, using my own beautyrituals and the smell of my favorite showergel (Lush, Honey, I washed the kids), shampoo, perfume and the smell of new clothes. And then, when you're finishing the last things, like putting on some lipgloss and check your hair for the last time, the feeling of something special, something about to come, and the scent of expectation hanging around you...
Lovely, isn't it?
And good preparation is half of the work, as they say it over here.

To get in the mood, I plugged in my iPod in the bathroom, so I could sing along with my fav songs.

Nice facemask, just because I like doing that.

The dress... x3

Some shiny details!

A little perfume...

Now the hair is done... (I straightened it)
Et voilĂ ... Ready to party!

The dance was really great, it was at Mondo Verde, a sort of park, but with different landscapes and a little zoo and some attractions for the kids. I've never been there, but it looked nice. The ball was inside this hall, which was cute, lots of fountains and waterornaments, and in the back there were couches and chairs to sit (we didn't do that a lot).
I spent most of the night with my friends, Fleur, Nadja, Maud, Dide, Lisa, Jasmijn, and some boys, Jordy, Jessy, Jari, Raoul, Robert, Benedikt, Lorenzo and some others. Dancing, drinking (I've been holding on to Passoa and some Wodka-redbull, I hate beer), laughing, just having fun! Nadja really made me laugh, she didn't want to buy herself a drink, so she was trying to get te boys to buy her one, and when Raoul finally ordered her some wine, she was really cheerful and said three times that he was nice and had ordered her a drink.
And gosh, all the boys looked so handsome in their suits! I have this crush on boys in suit expecially when they're wearing bow ties, so this was kinda... interesting. Most of us girls were having a good time with checking them out and giggling about who was the most handsome.
I had my favorite, (I think most of my girlfriends would agree with me, we all thought he was looking good) but I'm not giving names.

The only thing I can say is that I had a great time there, and that I'm sooooo looking forward to my Sweet Sixteen, to have another nice party!

xoxo, Kirsten.