Friday, March 26, 2010

Something's hanging in the air...


Oh, wow, there really is something hanging in the air lately! (of course, today it's rain, come on, I live in the Netherlands, is there anything but rain over here?)
But, forgetting about today's showers, and thinking about last week, I can't deny that there is something entirely different up there.


Yes, it really is! It has been so nice this week, warm and sunny enough to be outside without a coat, and lovely weather for feeling happy! I saw this year's first butterfly Wednesday, and that's an instant happy-moment, it means it really is getting warmer.
I love that feeling, everything feels so light, cheerful, and warm, lovely...
And everyone seems to be happier because of the sun!
When the sun is shining, the birds are whistling, the miserable cold has gone and everything is slowly starting to bloom again, how can you even have a morning-blues?
Of course, the picture above is taken in a warmer place, last year in Barcelona. It's beautiful there, I really fell in love with that city, it's gorgeous. And sure, it's warmer. But I don't mind, I'm sure it's going to be hotter over here soon!

Let the temperature rise about ten degrees, and let the spring fever hit you!

With love,

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Another party!


Whoa, what a weekend! It was so much fun, and so busy.
I'm very happy with the fact that it's Sunday today, so I have another day to relax.
Yesterday, I went to school, washing cars to get some money for our Peru-project. It was fun, of course we all got soaked, but that didn't matter.
After washing cars I went to Anna, we watched The Proposal and went to the cinema, Alice in Wonderland. It was so crowded at the cinema, there was a huge queue, and I was glad I saw my friend Shannen, and she said: "Oh, come standing with us, we don't mind."
I liked the movie, it was so colorful and busy and so... much. And great costumes! I loved the dresses!
And Friday, I only had two classes, so I went downtown after school to buy a gift for Jasmijn, she was having her Sweet 16 that night. I eventually bought her a Clinique make-up-set. There was this promotion at Douglas, and they asked me if I'd like to try some new make-up. Of course I liked that, so they did my make-up there! (I had to shower very carefully after tenniscourse, to keep it all on my face)
So that was taken care of, and after choosing my outfit (jeans, vintage top, Prada-heels, Elvis) I crossed the street to Jasmijn's house.
It was nice nice nice there. I had so much fun with my friends, the boys in my class are so funny, always messing with each other and making jokes.
And I found out that I really like Wodka-Red Bull. It tastes like lemonade, very sweet (the sweeter, the worse for your head, I also found out).
The thing with parties is, it always is the most fun when almost everyone is gone. That's just a fact. At 01.30, most people were gone, and the only ones left were Jasmijn, Jordy, Danny, Jari, Ashley and I, we hung on the couch, (they have a great couch), laughed, talked, sang, and were slightly drunk.
Danny, Ashley and I left when Jas almost literally kicked us out, she was tired and she wanted to go to bed (that much for being a good hostess). So I lurched back home and went to bed immediately.
But it was worth the tiredness and sore throat (my throat still feels like someone shoved barbed wire in it).
Here are some pics of that night:

Daphne and I

See, we all loved the couch!

Oh, nice pose, Jordy! (he's almost scary)

Hi, Danny...

He kept his tongue in this time! Well done!

Jas & her sister Vera

Nikki & Jas

Aw, aren't they cute?
Nice answer: 'Yes, they are!' Honest answer: 'Nah. They only look like they are.' ;-)

Hmm.. the innocent, the drunk and the foolish.

And it was sooooooo big! Yeah, Danny, we believe you.
Cheers, guys! ^^

Jas and Lesley

Jas and I

Friday, March 12, 2010

Take a trip to Wonderland...

Have you already seen Burton's Alice in Wonderland?
Hm, well, neither have I, but I think I'm going next weekend. I liked the Disney animation movie, and though this one is very different, I think I'll like it. This Wonderland-thing is funny, I like the Cheshire-cat (partly because it's pink, or course), and all the magic stuff.
I want my own Wonderland, a place all designed by myself, to escape from daily routine. Too bad that's not something you buy at the mall.
I would love a large, white room, and then style it just the way I want it to be. Lots of light, colours, cuteness and nice little details.
Or a place outside, with a lake, sunsets, and trees swaying in the light breeze. And a hangmat, a huge pile of books and magazines, and someone to talk to while hanging out there. Someone like... Hm, my best friends, or a cute guy (R-Patz! :D)
I think it would be great if we all had a place to turn to, a place for ourselves, a place where no one else interrups your dreams and you could do whatever you liked.
Tell me what your Wonderland would be like!
Maybe your dreams may be like this, maybe you have already found your wonderland, maybe you don't believe in this, and maybe you agree with me when I'm saying that who believes, will find.

We see the sun,
We're gotta run towards the Wonderland
The only place where we belong
The search will never end
We push against the wind and rain
Beating tears and pain
Together we can find
Together we can find
(Sunrise Avenue- Wonderland)

Friday, March 5, 2010

Ladybug? Lovebug!

I came across this image just a minute ago, while I'm sitting in Room 08, actually I should be working, but no one is, and I can go home when the bell rings (which will be in, let's see, oh, 10 mins, great!), and I thought I could use my time to post a new blog.
So, the picture... I found it on Photobucket and like it!
I have this thing with ladybugs, I used to catch them with my friends when we were little. We took a little glass, put some branches and leaves in it, and then went searching for ladybirds. So innocent and childlike...
Ladybugs also remind me of love, so that explains the title... (also, Lovebug is a JoBro song which is about love, too)...
And that brings me to this: Everyone was bothering my lovelife this week. There isn't much to bother, 'cause I don't really have a lovelife, and now everyone seems to be searching me a boyfriend. (ha-ha. Hilarious)
Even my little sister is annoying me: 'You're sixteen now! You should get a boyfriend soon! What do you want to become, the next Bridget Jones?'
Excuse me, even Bridget Jones ended up well, so I still believe I will, too! I'm sure I'll be perfectly fine...
But,. time's over, see you!

xoxo, Kirsten