Monday, January 25, 2010

My dear, want a cup of coffee?


Another silent week from my side, my apologies, but woah, there's been so much on my mind!
At first I was very concerned with what happened last Tuesday, I had a hard time dealing with that. Friday was a memorial for him, half the school went there. Lots of people spoke some words about him, made music, and almost everyone had bought a rose, which we lay down on him (he was covered in sheets, no coffin). I cried a little there, but I felt only really upset that evening, when I came home from my tenniscourse, it all got too much.
I really hope that his choice was the right one for him...
Saturday we went hiking with the people who are going to Persu this summer, doing some walking-training, which was fun. I also got an subscription on Fit4Free now, so I can train or exercise whenever I feel like it!
Sunday I went to Anna, we worked in her father's house, trying to do the painting and the floors. Which looks so easy, but there was no click between us and the laminate...
We also made funny plans about sharing an appartment when we're going to college. That will be within two years, which looks far away, but on the other side, years pass so fast! Damn, we will we eightteen by then =)
Today, I just went to school. Also very, very exciting... Especially KCV (Cultural Clasical Formation, or whatever it should be called), oh how I love that subject! It's so nice I always have to pay attention to keep my eyes opened and not drifting to sleep.
Our teacher always makes strange comments, so it can be funny. Sometimes. Like, last week, we were discussing Greek Philososophy, and he said: ''This sounds a little strange now, but I will talk about the potato soon, and then everything will become clear.''
Like, whuh?

So, it's not strange at all that I could use a shot of cafeine after all this days. Luckily, my parents went to buy new Nespresso-coffee this week, so I can go for a while. (Nespresso Latte and Starbucks are the only kinds of coffee I like, the others taste so bitter)

Hmm.. I wished I was... I don't know. A happy 5-year old. No worries about school, or boys, or clothers. Just feeling a little princess, playing around and being coddled. And just tumbling through the garden, plucking the flowers and being happy.
No. I'm saying the wrong thing. I wished it was warm, a nice spring day or a summer evening, when everything feels so light and easy. And all the romantic moods hanging in the air, and being outside...
Wouldn't it be nice to live in a dreamworld, with sun, flowers, butterflies, music and dancing, love and happiness? And everything covered in pastel tints, like lilac and light blue and pink... Like my old Lego-dolls. I played so much with them, most are imcomplete and miss a leg or an arm, but I managed to create three little princesses today..

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A last goodbye...

I stayed at home today, I felt sick. I wanted to go to school, but when I was sitting at our kitchen table, I was so dizzy and went back to bed.
I texted my friends to tell them at school I was ill, and Dorien, the girl I tutor English on Tuesdays, to delay that.
I slept till my phone rang, at about 12.00, Dorien called me to tell she received my message and make another appointment.
But she also told me something truly sad.
She said school was out already, because a boy, Jorrik, had died...
I was really scared when I heard that, I mean, things aren't supposed to be like this, he was only seventeen! I didn't know him very well, he would go to Peru this year, too, so I've seen him a couple of times on the meetings.
Later, I heard it wasn't an accident.
He made the choice to end his life all by himself, he didn't have the strength to go on anymore.
I can't imagine how desperate he must have been, how lonely he must have felt...
It's so sad, and I feel so sorry for his family and his friends.
Guess this makes you realise how vulnerable a life is...
This comes so close, that's what makes it so difficult. I was glad I wasn't at school today, my sister said everyone was crying, teachers, students, everyone was so sad.
I would have liked to have a great time with him in Peru, but unfortunately, he couldn't make it that long.
I wanted to wish his family and close friends all the best, and hope they'll be able to give this a place once.

Dear Jorrik, we all miss you. Your place in our school will stay empty now, but you'll have a place in our hearts forever, and you'll live on in our minds. I hope you're at a better place now, in a happier world.
And maybe, one day, we all will meet again in that place. I'm sure you won't be alone.
Rest in Peace, man.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Oh, by the way!

I started a new blog: The Elvis Diaries
It's all about my little, sparkly Elvis, and about his experiences on Earth.
Read it, if you like!
(I would really appreciate it, in any case)

(and Elvis, too!)

Let's remind the nice things...

Like snow instead of rain!
Though I was getting tired of the snow last week, and of the slippery roads which make cycling so hard, I prefer snow to rain!
I actually want it to be spring very soon now, we've had the snow and wintertime, and now I'd like a bit of warmth and sunshine. I love the sun, expecially in spring, the first day you can cycle home without your jacket, singing on your bicycle, that's lovely! Instant happy moments, is what I use to call moments like that.
But more about that later.
I made a nice pictures of the trees in our garden, when they were still all covered in white. I really like the way it looks, so soft and innocent :)
Short post today, but I have a lot to do (most of has to do with school, like translating stupid Latin textes people without a life wrote 2000 years ago).
So, have to go now, see you later!

Friday, January 15, 2010

If cupcakes could talk, what would they say?

Yeah, I know this doens't make sense, cupcakes can't talk and I know that very well.
But, just being inquisitive, I was wondering what they actually would say if they had a change to say something.
Hm, if I were a cupcake, what would I say...
A lot, I think. But that has nothing to do with cupcakes, but with me, I'm a HUGE chatterbox, so I don't think I would change that if I were a cupcake.
Oh, well, I'm going to make up a little Cupcake-conversation:
Cupcake 1: Hiya!
Cupcake 2: Ciao!
Cupcake 1: Hi!
Cupcake 2: Hello!
Cupcake 1: How are you?
Cupcake 2: I'm fine, see, new decoration!
Cupcake 1: Oh, I see, looks good on you!
Cupcake 2: Thanks, have to say I like it, too.

And then... I don't know anything they would say. Perhaps it's a good thing cupcakes don't talk. It would be hard to eat something which is babbling all the time =)
Anyway, they're cute! And if there's one thing I really like...

Sunday, January 10, 2010


Sorry for my non-posting week. It's unbelieveable, I really can't imagine that I've only been to school for a week, Christmas looks so long ago...
School goes on as boring as before, and the snow is still falling from the sky. Since over a week, everything is covered in white, which looks absolutely sweet. Snow looks so pure and soft.
I went sleighing with my sisters yesterday, there's a meadow near our house and some slopes which are perfect sleighriding.
So we dressed up warm, wearing some retro ski-clothes. I wore my mother's old blue snowboard-jacket, which I found disgusting at first, it's so huge, but it was supposed to be like that, and I just put it on. To my utter surprise, it looked kind of funny.
The only thing they coulnd't get me in was a repulsive pink skitrousers. No way I'm gonna wear that while being alive.
So, when te four of us (I use to call us Girlie Beatles, beacuse we're a great team, just like they were. Once.) were ready, we went outside for some winter-wonderland-fun!

Of course, a day in the snow isn't complete without smashing snowballs into each others faces and hair! I throw pretty good, honestly, but my lovely family prefers to butter your face...

Ahw, Jytte!
We really had fun, I almost drove over Tjorven with my sleigh (fortunately, I did something -don't know what exactly- to avoid killing her), we rolled down the slopes together and threw snowballs.

Yeah, I went nuts. A very looooong time ago. This is in the garden, where Svenne and I had a little more fun after the sleighriding.
But, after all this fun, I started freezing, so it was time to go inside...

And enjoy a nice, hot Latte! Move over Starbucks, I got my own lattes now.
No, that's not entirely true. I could never chuck Starbucks.

And, oh, besides the snow, I have developed another new obsession today. It's sparkly, it's cute, it's great, it's awesome. And it's a little over the top, just like me:

Here you see it in Sex&The City: The Movie, one of my fav fashion movies. You should be able to figure out what the object of my obsession is...

Oh, this bag's just... it! It's tiny and cute and shiny, perfect!
And it is €4,272.98. Which means that I should win the lottery, or get a well-paying job very soon... and that means I should tutor English 854 hours, or work in the kitchenstudio for 170 evenings, or babysit for 1220 hours... Doesn't sound that attractive at all. Hmm... I prefer my dad winning the lottery, that would be the best -easiest!- solution.
But since the chance of winning the lottery is smaller than getting killed by a terrorist, I will have to find another way...
Maybe a very rich boyfriend! Well, I wouldn't say no if he wanted to buy me this. But love isn't about things like that, and I don't have the faintest idea of who should be that boyfiend. (though... there is one guy who I wouldn't say no to. His picture is right next to this, the one in the red-black shirt)
Well, my fantasy is still working, at least. But I'm not giving up! I'll figure something out. I could happen to find a winning lottery-form or they could discover me as an actress, or I could stumble across that boyfriend tomorrow!
Yeah, what would a life be without dreaming...

Enjoy the snow!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Feel naked? Wear a hat!

That's my quote of the day!
I was in my room, dressing up and I was wearing my Jonas Brothers-shirt, which is a bit too short. I hate that, and though I love that shirt and my little JB, they should really think about the length of their shirts. I can't help the fact that Dutch girls aren't as small as others might be. (In fact, we seem to be the longest women in the world. But, of course, there are exceptions to every rule...)
In any case, and this is a message to ALL the shirtproducers: Make your shirts long enough! But not too long, it has to be a shirt, no dress. Just slightly longer will be fine!

But oh, I'm talking so much again that I almost forget my actual point. So, when I was dressed, I sat on my bed, and that stupid shirt was already starting to creep towards my ribs. I got annoyed and said: 'Jeez, shirts should be a little longer! I feel so naked this way!'
In response, Tjorven dryly said: 'Feel naked? Wear a hat!'
That is not really my thing, I'm not so in to the hat-stuff... I prefer jewelery, lots of extraordinary jewelery, and nice shoes.
And I'm doing pretty fine when it comes to that, I have a huge collection of necklaces, bracelets and earrings, and if I buy new shoes, everyone is like: 'How many pairs do you actually have?!'
And then I simply say: 'Does a girl ever have enough shoes or jewels?'
Right answer: NO.
So I am always happy to add a new pair of shoes to my wardrobe, and my Dad bought me new ones this week! I like them, they are cute and the heels aren't too high for walking around whole day long, feeling tortured.
I wore them to my Dad's party, and everyone liked them, so I was happy =)

See? They're Replay, I like their shoes, though the clothing isn't... Well, let's say that it's not quite my style.

And here you see me wearing them for the party. I really feel like a schoolgirl when I wear them, they look so innocent and good-girly, haha.

And, before I forget, I hope you all had a nice New Year's Eve! I had, we went to family, and we started the New Year with a drink, kisses, firework, and snow! Is there a better way to start a new year than throwing your Dad a snowball in the face?