Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Back From Barcelona!
Oh, I just had a wonderful time there, it was just awesome! Barcelona is beautiful, all those buildings and people and shops <3
And it was just fun hanging out with my (new) friends.
And I bought some nice stuff:
-new Tommy Hilfiger flats, black, with a tiny ribbon at the top,
-a new shopper, Pimkie, white with blue accents and a girl drawed on it,
-and a Hard Rock Café shirt, black with glitters. I collect those shirts.
We had so much fun the last night at the appartments, we stayed up 'till 5 in the morning, making little movies with our camera's, making drawings with aquarel painting and doing crazy things (we made a bucket with lemonade, in the middle of the night xD). And the last day, Friday, we had almost the whole day to do what we wanted to do in Barcelona. We went shopping, of course. Wow, there are so many shops, and so cool! I really love Barcelona. We also bought beer (or, actually, Jibbe, a boy from our school, he's 16, but he looks older, bought beer) and we drank it all together (which is actually not allowed when you're 15, sssh!)
And when we were on the way back home, I was so tired! I still am, by the way.
But it was just amazing!
I'll post the pictures soon, but I took so many pictures, about 400 or something.
And oooh, there were some cute guys there... ^^
Well, I just wanted to let you know I'm still alive (if you care, you know I still am right now!), and tell about the best week of the year.
See you soon!

xxx Cuppykirsten
P.S.: If you ever went to Barcelona, tell me! I'd really like to hear other's stories about Barcelona ;)

Saturday, May 9, 2009

What I've been doing in my free days

Wow, tomorrow is my last happy-without-school-day!
I don't like that, it means I'll have to get up at seven every morning, be at school and acting like I like being there (well, sometimes, I do) and do my homework, and that's what I hate.
There are some good things, though. I'll see my friends every day and we can talk, gossip, and laugh and more.
And actually, I only have to go to school Monday. Monday evening, I'll have to be at school at 5.30, and then we're going to Barcelona. Oh, I've been seeing forward to it for weeks! We'll be there for a week (til Saturday), and my friends from Spanish-class are going too, so I'm sure we'll have a great time.
Anyway, I've done some things last days, enjoying my last holiday-days.
Went shopping (had to buy a present for Mothers-day, I bought her a Pandora-bead), slept till eleven in the morning, read some books (Breaking Dawn and Angels & Demons from Dan Brown, the Dutch version is called: Het Bernini-mysterie (also; The Bernini-Mystery), sat in the garden and had fun!
Here are some picks:

Jasmijn and I were sitting at our, er, how do you call it in English? We call it a trampoline, you can jump on it, you know. We love lying in the sun on it. The socks are Jasmijn's, the AllStars are mine.

Me, sitting in the sun. I love the sun! <3

These bag was a gift from friends. They bought it for me on a holiday at Gran Canaria, Spain. It's a Lacoste (no fake). I like it so much! It's pink and cute, but sporty, too. I want to thank them for buying it for me, so: Thank you, Gertie & Maurice, for buying me this totally cool bag!

My self-made Twilight poster. I've been cutting out pictures from Bravo (a weekly German teen-music-gossip-fashion-fun-magazine). I'm working on another one, but it's not done yet. This one is above my bed now.

Okay, I'm warning you before: DON'T LAUGH! Really, you should NOT laugh! (all right, I look ridiculous)
Yesterday, my sister Tjorven tried all here Lush-products on me (She's a totally Lush-addict). I sat at the bad or at the edge of the bath while she was just putting everything on my face.
It smells weird, but is looks like all those stuff works! My skin looks better as it did before.

Tjorven and I. I'm green! GREEN! At first, I was really scared when I saw the color xD This is the Mask of Magnaminty, by the way. It smells like mud and mint.

So, these were some of my things-to-do. What do you like to do when you're free?
Let me know it! ;)

xx Cuppykirsten

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My wishlist:

Hi again!
I was bored, so I started looking for things I'd love to have:

The new Lacôme mascara. I need a new mascara, and I'd like to try this one. It has a moving brush, I wonder how it will look.

A red Ray Ban Wayfarer. I like red, and these sunglasses are timeless. My mother will buy them for me if I do my Spanish exam well. So, let's hope!

The Louis Vuitton Halo Shimmer bag. I adore this bag! It's so beautiful and shiny and gorgeous. And expensive. So I don't think I'll ever own it.. :(
Well, maybe later, when I'm old enough to gain my own money.

These sunglasses are so funny! I'vee seen sunglasses with heart-shaped glasses, star-shaped glasses etc, but I've never seen apple-shaped glasses.

These classis Christian Louboutin pumps. Beautiful, but the same story as the Louis Vuitton bag: Too expensive for a 15-year old girl who doens't have a job or very rich parents..

The pink Koh nailpolish. Really cute color, and it is quick-drying and long-lasting.
The other colors are nice, too, but the pink one is my favorite.

These Killah shoes. They're so sweet, but my sice was sold out. Too bad, I really like them.

This Swarovski Elvis pendant. It's so cute and shiny! I'll ask this one for Christmas, I think.. I really WANT it!

Okay, last, but not least: I want to be Kristen Stewart in this picture! Hello, (nearly) kissing Robert Pattinson? I'd die for it! And omg, in this tux he looks even more gorgeous as normal. Ooh, I wish I was her.. =P

This was my wishlist. If you could help me get on of these things, I'd love to hear it. ;)

xx Cuppykirsten

I've also been tagged!

Anna tagged me!
Cool, I like answering questions about things I like. (I'm also a big fan of those psycho-tests which are in magazines)
So, here are my answers:

[1] What are your current obsessions?
Hmm.. Robert Pattinson, pink things, Barcelona, where I'm going to go next week! Can't wait, it certainly will be fun (and sunny)

[2] What is your weirdest obsession?
Pink things. I almost like everyting what's pink. Even better if it's shiny and cute.

[3] What are you wearing today?
Very casual: Jeans, Hard Rock Café shirt (from Cologne), my black All Stars with the pink accents.

[4] What's for dinner today?
Soup and bread. Mom wasn't in the mood for cooking today.

[5] Why is today special?
Because it was another day to live mt happy life.

[6] What would you like to learn to do?
I'd like to learn how to make my own clothes. Too bad I haven't much time to do it.. :(

[7] What’s the last thing you bought?
The Twilight book, see my last blog. Oh no, it isn't. Today I bought to pieces of black paper (A2) for making my own posters. Does that count?

[8] What are you listening to right now?
Sunrise Avenue on YouTube, The Last Story. I love that song. And my parents and two of my sisters (I have three younger sisters) sitting on the couch and watching tv.

[10] What is your most challenging goal right now?
Hm, I don't know, actually, my life is quite easy at the moment and I'm happy to be me. Er, well, okay, I am in love with someone, and I KNOW he doesn't like me (though others say he does like me, it's very confusing, and I'm such a coward, so I don't ask him about it, I did it once, totally disastrous), so why bother?) So now I really want to forget about him. He isn't even that cute!

[11] What do you think about the person who tagged you?
I really like Anna! She is beautiful, smart, sweet, brave and stylish! We are very good friends, and I'm thankful for that.

[12] If you could have a house totally paid for, fully furnished anywhere in the world, where would you like it to be?
Ow.. Hard question. Tuscany, I think. I love Italy, always sunny, handsome guys, fine food and the biggest designers are from Italy (of France). Paris would be fine, too.

[13] What would you like to have in your hands right now?
An unlimited credit card.

[14] What would you like to get rid of?
People who are annoying. And people who are fake.

[15] If you could go anywhere in the world for the next hour, where would you go?
I'd like to go to Tokio. Or New York. But an hour is too short!

[16] Which language do you want to learn?
Japanese. Or Russian. Or Swedish. Just a strange language, witch is hardly spoken here.

[17] What do you look for in a friend?
A good sense of humor, trust, sweetness, and there has to be that 'click'.

[18] Who do you want to meet in person?
Ohw.. So many people. I'd like to meet Coco Chanel, but she is dead... So, then, I'd like to meet Robert Pattinson. Or Karl Lagerfeld. Or my godmother, I haven't seen her for almost four years, and I miss her, but it's quite complicated.

[20] What’s the favorite piece of clothing in your own closet?
To wear because they're comfortable: My Adidas trainings trousers and an shirt.
To wear because they're stylish : My new clothes.

[21] What is your dream job?
I'd love to be an actress! Or a fashion designer. But that's quite hard to do, so I want to become a docter, and help people who are sick to feel better.

[22] Any favorite models?
Nope. I'm not so keen on models.

[24] What would you like an endless supply of?
LOVE. And shoes.

[25] Girl crush?
There are so many beautiful girls!

[26] Do you admire anyone’s style?
I admire my friend Anna's style :)
And Katy Perry is always dressed so funny.

[27] Describe your personal style.
Casual, but pimped with jewels. I like hippie things, too, and vintage. I'm still searching for my own style.

So, these were my answers.
Now I'm going to write another blog with a meaning xD

xx Cuppykirsten