Thursday, April 30, 2009

Shopping trips and Shiny Sun

Wow, the sun is shining! I love the sun! Too bad it doesn't show up that often here. But, it's just the way it is, so we have to enjoy it as we can.
So that's what I did last Tuesday and Wednesday.
Wednesday, I went to Phantasialand with my sisters, parents and Talitha, one of my sister's friends. Phantasialand is cool, I like rollercoasters and speed and the whole thing. I only have felt sick and dizzy for the rest of de evening. A little bit too much speed and hanging head over heels and turning around.
Tuesday, I went shopping (is there a better way to enjoy?). Just went to Heerlen, so nothing special, but I bought some nice things.

Bought the new Twilight book. In English, 'cause th Dutch version isn't available yet, and I couldn't wait to know what's going to happen. Actually, it isn't as hard to read as I thought it was. It's a very good book!

New bracelets. I like them, they're cute and summer-style. And I also like the beads. And the color! (Guess what my favourite colour is?)

My new shoes ^^ Don't know what to say about them. I just like them.

New rings, nice and colourful. (except the one with the hearts, I've had that one for a couple of years) Thank God for SIX.

New earrings with flowers (SIX).

My new Japanese hair-pin.
Bought it at De Houtel Sleutel (In English: The Wooden Key), a very cool store in Heerlen. They sell all those Japanese things, jewels, hairclips, clothes, Hello Kitty stuff, erasers, and Japanese food. Which is a bit risky to buy, if you ask me, because, unless you know Japanese, you can't read what it is exactly.. But they have awesome things, and I love being there. The people are really nice and kind, and they have so much things, you could spend ours there!

Me, picture was taken through a window. The hairclip I'm wearing was also bought at De Houten Sleutel. It's a pink ribbon with a pink lollipop made of Fimo on top. I like these things ^^

So... Enough talking for now, I'm going to enjoy the sun again! (While reading my new book in the garden)

xx Cuppykirsten

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Purikura explosion

Hi there! n_n
I've also told I love Japan, especially Tokyo, and all those Japanese stuff and things. Purikura is a Japanese way of making funny pictures. Upload a picture, and just start. I really enjoy it, I like all those colours and characters and stamps and so on. You should try, it is easy and fun!

Me and my best friend Jasmijn. We've been friends for... 11 years or something? In any case, for a very long time. She lives at the opposite of my street, so we just walk in and out. She's a bit crazy, but she's sooooo funny.

This is my friend Nikki. We went to primary school together, but we've been real friends since highschool.

My crazy sister Tjorven and me. She's really funny, but she's my sister, so she can be sooooo annoying sometimes! (Do you see, she's the devil. I'm the angel xD)

This is me. I like those hippie-hairbands, this one I made by myself.

Valentine's Day-Single-Girls-Party! Went to a restaurant first, then watched movies at Anna's house (at the picture). From left to right: Stefanie, Nikki, Anna, Jana, Nadja and Kirsten.

It's me again. This time I wanted a comic-look.

Anna and I, we went shopping at Aachen (Aix-la-Chapelle, Germany). We love Starbucks!

These are my best pictures, hope you enjoyed watching them, and if you like them, make some on your own:

It's really fun!

xx Cuppykirsten

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Eye shots

Well I was having fun taking pictures of my eyes.
Or actually, I cut them out of other pictures, gives a funny effect.
Look at the results:

Just wearing mascara and a little bit of eyeliner.

Mascara and metallic blue eyepencil (Bourjois Effet Métalisé)

Mascara and shimmer eyeshadow (Essence)
(I always wear mascara, except if I stay at home all day and I'm too tired to do my makeup)

Well, here I was just trying with blue and purple and shimmers. I like the picture, but the look is too heavy to wear at school, I think.. Too bad I forgot to take off my glasses, now you see this pink line.

OK, I was crying, but it was because I was using eyeliner, and then I accidently missed and the eyeliner was IN my eye. Stupid action, wasn't a nice feeling.

Here my sister did my makeup, she wanted to make me a Barbiedoll. Don't know if I look like one, Barbiedolls are blonde, aren't they?
But I like the picture, except for the fake eyelash which didn't do what I wanted it to do.

Well, this are my pictures, hope you'll like them.

Enjoy the weekend!
xx Cuppykirsten

Friday, April 24, 2009

Japanese Invasion


I like Japan! I don't know why, I just do ^^
And oh my God, Harajuku-style is so cool! I wish I could walk around like that, without anyone making fun of me. If you'll dress like that over here, they'll say you're 'a f*cking emo.' Stupid, stupid, stupid! I mean, I'm NOT an emo and I'll never be one, but hey, if you want to be emo, just be it!

And about Harajuku-style. You love it or you hate it. I definitely love it.

Let's take a look at some Harajuku girls:

Ooh, very pink! I like them, they look like comic-girls. And which colout does she use for painting her hair? It's like really red. I like the socks (right).

Definitely my fav picture! Cool hairclips, I got some too. And I like her jacket (is it Adidas? I just see two stripes..) And the skirt! So cute! She is like a modern princess, in a modern fairytale called Her Life. Very cool!

Aaauw, how cute! This isn't really Harajuku-style, but they just look so cute!

Nice hairdo. Very blonde, but it looks good on her.

She also looks very happy. But what's that thing on her nose? A bandaid? Hmm, kinda strange. But you can see SHE likes it, and that's all that counts.

These girls are just so... crazy. Very funny Donald Duck necklace. If it is a necklace. Cool lips-sunsglasses. BIG lollipops

Hello everyone!

Hi everyone!
So... Now I'm also on blogspot. =P
I came here because of my friend Anna. She's the one with all those amazing fashion pics: a tale of two shoes. I really like watching her pics, they're so cute! . And so is Anna n_n
Anyway, I was thinking: Why don't make my own blog? I like reading and writing, so why not?
Well... A couple of things about me: my name is Kirsten (Cuppykirsten is my nickname), I live in the Netherlands. In the faaaaaar south of the Netherlands, near Germany and Belgium actually.
I love fashion, my friends, watching movies, shopping, make-up, romantic things, music, playing tennis, summer, talking and laughing and so much more. AND Robert Pattinson. He's soooooo handsome! <3 Ooooh I really LOVE him.
Soon I will post pictures, stories and poems I wrote or stuff like that.
Oh, by the way, I'm sorry if my English isn't so good, I'm trying my best, but sometimes I make mistakes. If I do, just tell me ;-)
Well... Guess it's enough talking for now, see you soon!

xx Cuppykirsten