Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Decisions, decisions, decisions...

Let's think about something deeply...

Life is beautiful.
La vie est belle.
Das Leben ist schön.
La vida es buena.
Het leven is mooi.
La vita è bella.

So many ways to say it, and they all lead to the same conclusion.
Is that something we can apply to other things, too? If so, how many ways are there that lead to a happy end then, or to love?

Things might seem different once you notice they have turned upside down. But the essential thing remains the same... So wouldn't that mean that things never really change, but all you have to do is look at them in a different way?
Doesn't upside down just mean the same, but different? That would mean, all we have to do, is changing our perspectives, and we can change everything from bad to good, from good to better... 

How many ways are there to bring a smile to someone's face?
Must be a million... 

Music, singing, dancing.
High heels, a floral dress, a shimmering necklace.
Bright red lipstick, lovely nails, a wonderful smile.
Family, friends, lovers.
The ones who are there for you, the ones that can make you laugh so hard your stomach hurts and tears stream down your face.

How many ways are there to reach your destiny? To find find someone who is the same, but different, too? Made for each other, a perfect match.
If one thing goes wrong, doesn't mean you can't be happy in another way. I don't believe we are made for a certain life, I believe we can do what makes us happy and that will be different things. I could be happy being a writer, I could be happy studying medicine. Two things which will end in complete different lives...
Can that very same attitude be used in case of love? As in, there's not one person who can make me happy, there are more?
I'd like to believe there's only one true love, though I have to admit that there probably are more. I've gone through that, too. It's not bad, for I know, that eventually everything will be fine.

Who never has been walking the edge, who never has known the fear of falling down, doesn't know the relief, the happiness that runs through you whenever you reached your destiny.
It's not bad, being afraid of falling. Everyone is. I am too, all the time.
But as long as I know that I'll have people who will always help me to get back up again, I can handle that fear.
Never let fear keep you from doing something, it's better to regret what you have done than what you have not done.

How many ways are there to see the beauty in something common?
It's a talent to create something pretty with the most simple things. And I can't do more than hoping, wishing to have only the slightest bit of that talent.
It makes life bereable.

With love,

Give me something, I've been wanting
Take my feelings to the sky.
Give my something, I've been wondering
Give my feelings wings to fly.
Destiny is to be by your side.

- Sunrise Avenue

Thursday, September 15, 2011

If you search for it, you'll find it everywhere.

Ah well, eventually, there are so many incredible things... But you manage to facinate me all the time, and no matter how many time I spend thinking about it, it never gets exactly clear to me.
But maybe that's not the intention at all. 

And I just wanted to let you know that I am happy. Not all day every day, but every day. And that's what counts. Though I'm confused and sad sometimes, I always find happiness in little things.

Sticking together with my friends, for an example.
When I was going through one of my hardest times, they were the ones who were there for me, and now, they still are. With me being hard to handle , feeling misunderstood or being incredibly happy sometimes, friends are the most important thing one could have, to share emotions and moods with.

Whatever you cause us to feel, we're there and we're ready. We can handle you.

Seeing things from another angle opens a lot of doors.

Let us be together. I know it's possible.

Let us change the natural things, make them even prettier. It's all we need.

Come closer. It changes everything.

I'll find my place to be. It will be fine.
And after all...

With love,

I’ve been running far away from love
I’ve been trying to rise above
Thought I’d be cooler with no one
And I thought it would be easy
I thought it’s easy.

There was not a warning sign on you
There was nothing I could do
You opened all the gates from me
And you made me see it’s easy
You just feel the love and sing. 

Better for worse, to rain or shine
Now you’re mine, it brings me
Happiness happiness happiness
You are the one
(you bring me happiness)
You call me dear and hold me close

Give sweet love and it glows
Happines happiness happiness
You are the one
(you bring me happiness)

Lately she’s been dreaming about the one
About her prince, the golden son
She’s waiting for the perfect match
But that ain’t quite the catch
It’s easy
She should find someone who sings.
- Sunrise Avenue - 

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Tides are changing

Some things seem so clear, so easy. They are what they are, a simple creation in its own beauty, nothing special.

Just too bad the things I really want all seem like a complete mess...

Nothing lasts forever, nothing can survive the threat of time passing. An hour, a day, a week, a month, a year... What would they be worth if nothing changed? If today would be like yesterday, and tomorrow is exactly like today, what a life would that be?
It wouldn't be one.

My dreams and hopes have always reached to the sky. They still do so. Would it be easier if my expectations, my dreams, weren't that big?
I don't think it would. For they still haven't come true, it might be better to keep dreaming till the dream does come true.
At least it's easier than reality. There are no limits in my mind, I can do anything there. Time, distance, troubles there might be, they don't matter anymore when I dream. In my dreams, it's just me and you and we laugh...

But still, how do I know if these dreams will come true? Everything changing, but I still don't have the guts to say what's on my mind exactly, or what I feel.

It confuses me so often. I talk about everything to everyone, till they are annoyed by it and tell me to please shut up for five minutes.
But the words I'm in love with you always get stuck on my lips...
What if there's something wrong with me, being not able to take the chance and risk something by using these words? Life is about taking the risk and go for it, I know, but still, I just can't do it.
In my dreams, there isn't such a thing, there's just the understanding, safety, and warmth...

Shadows can't find me when I'm asleep. It's been really long since I've had my last nightmare, a few years. My dreams might not be horrifying, they still can be confusing. What am I dreaming, what am I seeing, what does it mean?

Sometimes, the answer seems so clear, but the moments I wake up feeling confused make my head spin.
Is it strange I sometimes pretend I'm talking to you when I feel like that?

Maybe it's better to let you go. But with you, I'd let go of all my dreams. I might be able to live without you, it's how I'm surviving for a while now. But I know I can't live without my dreams. They're what drags me to boring moments, hard times.
Whenever I'm sad, it's okay to think there will be better times, that everything will be fine. That there will be a moment on which everything falls into place and is clear. That there will be a happy ending, and that one day I might not need to say the words I can't say, but that a simple I feel that way, too will be enough.

And I truly believe that that is true. I have to.

With love,

Träumst du davon, alles zu riskieren?
Träumst du? Ich träume mit!
Fühlst du auch, wie unsere Zeit verrinnt?
Fühlst du? Ich fühle mit!
Weinst du auch, wenn deine Welt zerbricht?
Weinst du? Ich weine mit!
Brauchst du mich, wenn du am Abgrund stehst?
Springst du? Ich halte dich!

Nichts ist für Immer
und für die Ewigkeit.
Nichts ist für Immer,
nur der Moment zählt ganz allein.

Brauchst du mich, bei deinem letzten Schritt?
Ich halte dich...

- Unheilig -