Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I want a holiday, and I want it NOW.

Wow, right now, nothing could be better as a huge shot of cafeine. A nice cup of hot cappuccino, with lots of milk. Starbucks, is possible.
Too bad Starbucks isn't possible right now. And because I don't like our Senseo-coffee, I will have to find another way to get my energy.
It's so strange (and annoying, too!) I'm always tired when the temperature drops a few degrees.
I can go to bed at 8.30, and sleep till 10 in the morning, but I still feel so tired!
I want it to be very hot, very sunny and very holidayish.
I love going on a holiday, it makes you feel so different. And, I can't help it, but summer brings me to a very happy, romantic mood.

What brings me to a new question.
What your absolute holiday-feeling?

Shopping in the big city? Feeling hot sand under your feet? Skiing in a winterwonderland? Watching the sunset at the beach? Swimming with your friends? Smelling the sea and the hotness?
Tell me!
We need to keep the ultimate holidayfeeling, so just take 5 minutes for yourself every day, think about nice things, and relax!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

New Day, New Question!

Like I told you yesterday, I'm going to post a new question every time I'm online.
Here's today's question:
Would you lie to your best friend, if it's in her/his best interest?

I don't know... I think I wouldn't, but sometimes, there are things you better keep quiet...

Friday, September 25, 2009

Free, Fun, Funky, Friday!

Oh how I love Fridays!
They're so... Friday! School's out, no homework, just some quality time for yourself.
There is a reason why we call it Vrijdag. Vrij = Free, so literally translated, it means Freeday in Dutch, hihi.

Fridays are perfect for a lot of things. You can go out, dancing, clubbing, visit a friend, organise a party, a dinner, a girls night, or just stay at home, read a book, watch a movie, or something like that.
Fridays are my fav days for thinking about the past week, making crazy plans for the weekend, and think about the week that's going to come.
My week was allright, stayed at home Monday, felt sick, but I feel a lot better now. I do still have a cold. xD
School was boring already, I don't know... I feel a bit lonely in class. I have a lot of friends, that's not the point, but I still feel like everyone has a best friend, and I don't.
I mean, Anna is such a cute girl, I really like her sooooo much!
But she's not at the same school this year, and I really mis her. With her, I can talk all day long about fashion, clothes, designers, shoes, books, movies, music, boys, other girls, ourselves, everything!
I really have to call her this weekend.

I also have something new: Kirsten's Question of the Day.
I'll post a question everytime I'm online, it won't be every day, I simply don't have enough time, but I'll try ;-)
It'll be a simple question, just about things I think about. I like to know what people are thinking, and a bit of spiruality, philosophy, can be really good!
Just let everyone know what YOU think!

Today's question is:

If you could design your perfect lover, what would he/she be like?
Romantic? Funny? Artistic? Good-looking? Tough? Sweet? Smart? Rich? A soccer player, or a musician? Blue eyes, brown eyes, green eyes? Blonde, brown? Tall, dark, handsome?

Let me know, and enjoy your weekend!
xoxo, Kirsten

Friday, September 4, 2009

My Holiday Story

Wow, I feel so sad!
I should be in Italy today, with my parents, sisters and friends of ours, but instead I'm sitting home, were it's cold and rainy.
We went on a holiday to Italy, eight days in San Vincenzo, Tuscany, and six days in Caorle, near Venice.
Before we left home, I said to my mother: 'Mum, something is wrong, it doesn't feel right!'
And she said: 'Oh, that's just holiday stress!'
So we went to Austria, we slept in a hotel there. We always book a hotel halfway, so we can rest and my dad doesn't have to drive too long.
Next day we went on, to Italy!
That day sucked.
It was so crowded, we drove 150 km in four hours, and as we wanted to go on after a little break at a gasstation, the car decided to stop working.
My Dad called the ANWB, they told him they would send a truck to bring our car to a garage.
After three hours, he was finally there, he drove us 50 km back towards Austria. My mother and Svenne next to the driver, my father, Jytte, Tjorven and I in our own car, at the back of the truck. It was quite an experience, I have to say. =P
They fixed the car (thank God), we payed for it, and we were on the road again.
Big surprise: The roads were empty now!
At 01.30 in the night we finally arrived at the camping. We did less than 700 km in, like, 16 hours?
But we had a nice week there. It was really hot, I got really tanned, a waiter gave me an ice-cream ( I know, I was stunned, too!), we visited some cities, we had a good time.
Sunday, we moved on to Caorle. We've been there before, it's really nice there.
Those friends of ours have a daughter, and she's as old as I am, and were good friends, so it was supposed to be so nice!
But Sunday afternoon, a collegue of my Dad's called him (he's a doctor). There was something wrong with my granddad. He was in a nursing, and there was something wrong with him.
But later, my uncle called, and he said Granddad was feeling better now.
Next morning, I heard he had died.
We went home Tuesday.
It was so weird, I couldn't believe it at first. He was in bad conditions, and actually, everyone has been saying they didn't think he'd make it til Christmas for almost 4 years.
He always made it, and now he really is dead, I can't believe it.
I mean, I KNOW he is, I saw him yesterday, and today was his funeral, but still, it's so strange!
The funeral was so sad, but it was beautiful, too. As far as those things can be beautiful, of course.
He loved nature, and you could see the forest, the sky and the clouds through the windows.
And they played some beautiful music, something from opera Carmen he liked, and a song from a Dutch cabaretier, Toon Hermans, Ik ben iemand van een kleine stad ( I'm someone from a little town). And in the end, they let that song flood into the anthem of Limburg, the province where we live, and where he had lived for almost his whole life.
And that music, it was Granddad, and then almost everyone started crying. (I've been crying almost all the time, just like my sisters and some other people)
Well, I think it's better this way, he was 81, and his time had came.
It's all right for him, but yeah, it feels sad.
I'm going to write something for him, and then I'll post it here, as my way to say goodbye, forever.

I'm going to bed now, I'm tired, and Monday school starts again :(