Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Oh, THIS is so cool!


I was about to write something about my holiday so far, but then I spotted something funny on the Net (where else?)
Do you know the Italian brand Tokidoki?
Well, if you do, very good, then you can probably skip the next part.
If you don't, very good, just read and watch. ;-)
Well, Tokidoki is an Italian brand, though Tokidoki is Japanese and it means ''sometimes'' (at least, that's what they told me)
They make clothes, bags, accessoires, and funny puppets, and I adore it!
I also adore Chanel, as you know, and who's the big Chanel-Man?
Karl, indeed!
So, what's the resultation if you combine Tokidoki and Karl Lagerfeld?

First some Tokidoki stuff:

See, very cute designs, very colourful, very happy.

And these are Tokidoki-Asics sneakers. Cool, the white/orange ones are my favs. I'd buy them if I knew where I could.

And this is a Tokidoki Karl. So cool! He really looks like the real Karl!

Haha, such a funny thingey!
So, what do you think?
Funny, or stupid?
Definitely funny, if you ask me..

Friday, October 23, 2009

Oh, only twenty minutes left!

Hi again!
No posting for a week, I'm sorry, but oh my god, school is getting so annoying already. It's been a very busy week, but there is one point of brightness in the dark, dark, DARK darkness.
In 17 minutes from now (it's 12.43 right now over here), the bell will ring, and it's going to scream one lovely word:

So, let's start the countdown!
(like, right now, it's 12.46, time goes so fast!, hihi)
I like Autumn. It's so colorful, and if the sun shines, it's really beautiful. And if it's raining, nothing could be better than stay inside whol day long, walk around in your sweatpants and hang on the couch reading a good book.
And it smells so good, all the trees and the moist.
It smells like fresh nature, delicious!
So, out on an old jeans, old boots, and a nice, warm hoodie, take your raincoat and go outside!
Walk to the forest, the beach, or just down the streets, breathe and smell the refreshment!
And if it starts raining, who cares? Being wet isn't that bad, since you are already.

So, enjoy!


Friday, October 16, 2009

Kirsten's Cupcake Bakery!

Hey everyone!
No posting for a week, but I'm back now. With some self-made pictures. My sister Svenne made some of them, too! She's very sweet, she helped me a little.
Today was so sad for her, she fell with her bicycle, and then she broke her glasses, and she had a huge cut in her eyebrow, which had to be stitched by a docter. :(

Last week, I was invited to a sleepover at Dide's, a friend of mine. She turned sixteen and we would watch movies, talk, laugh and sleep in the shed, hihi.
But it wasn't that bad, it was a really nice!
And I made some cupcakes for her =D
I love cupcakes, they're so cute! And making them is easy, and very funny, epecially doing the decoration. They sell all those shiny decorations, adorable.

So, welcome to Kirsten's Cupcake Bakery!

This was what they were supposed to be like, pink cupcakes with buttercream and pearls.
I used my own recipe, but was inspired by this book, 500 Cupcakes.

All right, cupcakes are finished, and I survived without burning myself or the house down.
I made some buttercream, I'd never done it before, and I was a little scared it wouldn't work out, but fortunately, it did! I made it pink, my fav colour and very cute. And then decorate them with all sorts of pink decoration!

Focus! Just a little more... Well, this looks cute!

And here you see my end-resultation! Aren't they sweet? (literally, you're almost able to see the sugar swimming through it) I mean, they don't look exacly like the cupcakes in the book, but I gave them some of my own fantasy and a personal twist.

So, this was it, I'm going to work on a story I'm writing now ;-)

Enjoy the weekend!
xoxo, Kirsten

Friday, October 9, 2009

People I like to say '' Thanks'' to!

Oh, there are so many people I want to thank, for something they did, made possible or mean to me!
And that's why I'm going to thank them here ;-)

My parents, for being the best mum and dad I could wish for, and for raising me with lots of love and affection.
My grandparents, I love them so much, they're just great. (I know this sound a bit dull, but I don't care, I love them)
My best friend Anna, for being so inspiring, and such a sweet, stylish, beautiful girl.
My friend Jasmijn, for being so funny, crazy and cute, and being a friend for over ten years.
My friends Fleur and Nadja, for being so stylish!
My sisters, Tjorven, Svenne, and Jytte, for being so funny and sweet (annoying, too, sometimes, but I still love them)
All my other friends and family, for being so cool, funny and inspiring! Don't know where I would be without you guys.
Robert Pattinson, for excisting.
Taylor Lautner, same reason.
Coco Chanel, also very inspiring, and God, I adore the clothes!
Robbie Williams, Samu Haber, The Beatles, Michael Jackson, The Jonas Brothers, Take That, Die Toten Hosen, for making some of my fav music.
Stephenie Meyer and Sophie Kinsella, for writing my fav books!
Chuck Taylor, for making AllStars.
Everyone who walks around in Harajukustyle, for having this amazing style and inspiring me.
Maybelline NY, for inventing the first mascara.
Goethe, I love reading his poems, they're beautiful.
Walt Disney, for creating a dreamworld where you start believing in fairytales and miracles again.
Anna Wintour, for making Vogue, I love Vogue. Even if she's a bitch.
Starbucks, for being a perfect pick-me-up when I'm down.
D&G, for designer the glasses I'm wearing. I adore my pink glasses <3
You, for taking the time to read my blog. I really, really, really appreciate it.

And, all the other people I love, who love me, who inspire me, who give me so much, who are able of making me happy when I'm sad, who all mean a lot to me.

I wish I could give you all a big, pink, heart-shaped lollipop.
P.S.: Vicky, happy 15th birthday! Hope you had a nice day!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Little Changes

I think you've already noticed, but I changed some things in my blog. Just little changes, and I have to say, I prefer it like this, but I'm not ready with it yet.
I want it to be better, cuter, lovelier, pinker, funnier, more beautiful, more romantic, so I'm working on that one.
And remember, every journey of a thousand miles, starts with one step ;-)

BTW, this weekend, a friend of mine, Robin, celebrated her Sweet Sixteen, and I wanted to wish her a happy brithday right here.
So, Robin, happy birthday, and your party was so much fun!
(she should send me the pictures, so I can post them here)