Friday, April 24, 2009

Hello everyone!

Hi everyone!
So... Now I'm also on blogspot. =P
I came here because of my friend Anna. She's the one with all those amazing fashion pics: a tale of two shoes. I really like watching her pics, they're so cute! . And so is Anna n_n
Anyway, I was thinking: Why don't make my own blog? I like reading and writing, so why not?
Well... A couple of things about me: my name is Kirsten (Cuppykirsten is my nickname), I live in the Netherlands. In the faaaaaar south of the Netherlands, near Germany and Belgium actually.
I love fashion, my friends, watching movies, shopping, make-up, romantic things, music, playing tennis, summer, talking and laughing and so much more. AND Robert Pattinson. He's soooooo handsome! <3 Ooooh I really LOVE him.
Soon I will post pictures, stories and poems I wrote or stuff like that.
Oh, by the way, I'm sorry if my English isn't so good, I'm trying my best, but sometimes I make mistakes. If I do, just tell me ;-)
Well... Guess it's enough talking for now, see you soon!

xx Cuppykirsten

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