Friday, October 16, 2009

Kirsten's Cupcake Bakery!

Hey everyone!
No posting for a week, but I'm back now. With some self-made pictures. My sister Svenne made some of them, too! She's very sweet, she helped me a little.
Today was so sad for her, she fell with her bicycle, and then she broke her glasses, and she had a huge cut in her eyebrow, which had to be stitched by a docter. :(

Last week, I was invited to a sleepover at Dide's, a friend of mine. She turned sixteen and we would watch movies, talk, laugh and sleep in the shed, hihi.
But it wasn't that bad, it was a really nice!
And I made some cupcakes for her =D
I love cupcakes, they're so cute! And making them is easy, and very funny, epecially doing the decoration. They sell all those shiny decorations, adorable.

So, welcome to Kirsten's Cupcake Bakery!

This was what they were supposed to be like, pink cupcakes with buttercream and pearls.
I used my own recipe, but was inspired by this book, 500 Cupcakes.

All right, cupcakes are finished, and I survived without burning myself or the house down.
I made some buttercream, I'd never done it before, and I was a little scared it wouldn't work out, but fortunately, it did! I made it pink, my fav colour and very cute. And then decorate them with all sorts of pink decoration!

Focus! Just a little more... Well, this looks cute!

And here you see my end-resultation! Aren't they sweet? (literally, you're almost able to see the sugar swimming through it) I mean, they don't look exacly like the cupcakes in the book, but I gave them some of my own fantasy and a personal twist.

So, this was it, I'm going to work on a story I'm writing now ;-)

Enjoy the weekend!
xoxo, Kirsten


Fleur said...

ze waren echt lekker.
beetje zoet, maar wel lekker :3
x Fleur

Unlikely You said...

Hehe, looks like you had fun making them.