Thursday, May 6, 2010

Give me something I've been wanting...

How are you all doing? Sure you all will be fine ;-)
I haven't posted anything for a long time, I simply coulnd't find the time. But today I don't have to do anything, just thing I like, so here I am again!
I got loads to tell you, so I better get started.

Last week:

1: I found myself a job
2: My team won 5 out of 6 tennismatches

3: My spring-break started

4: Friends of ours got married

1: Yes, I finally found myself a job. I'm working at the Albert Heijn now, a supermarket.
(watch this one for some extra information about Albert Heijn (it's English, and pretty funny. But don't take it too serious) )
I'm at the counters, all I have to do is scanning products, take money and give the customers their change. Which sounds easier than it actually is, but I can handle it. I just need a bit more practice and then it will be perfectly fine, I'm sure.

2: Yes, we finally won some games! That was pretty cool, because it was te first time we played competition, our trainer said: "If you win more than four games, we are going to eat pizza with the entire team."
I guess he didn't thought we would win something, but we did! It was rainy, cold and muggy last Sunday, but we managed to rule them. With some blood of course, that's just a part of it.
Game, set, match!

3: Not much to say about that, except that it's nice to have two weeks off.

4: It was fun! They had been living together for 10 years, and now they finally got married! That's beautiful, isn't it? I love weddings :)
And last week, there wasn't much to do at school, projectweek. We did something with chemistry and maths, and we went to Aachen. Aachen was nice, it was lovely weather, and though I've been there a hundred times and we got a citywalk with a guide, it wasn't hard to enjoy it. Mostly you have to amuse yourself, and I don't see that as a problem. We also went to a museum, with modern art. There were cool things to see there, I liked it.

I also spotted lovely necklaces in a jeweleryshop. They always have extraordinairy things, and I like that kind of stuff. So I'm really considering to buy one of the necklaces with the heart (above), or this one down beneath...

What do you think about it? It's really big, but I don't mind. If you buy stuff like this, at leat you know that no one else has the same piece.

Let me know about it!

xoxo, Kirsten

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