Friday, July 9, 2010

So, I guess this will be the last you'll hear from me...

... At least for a week or three!
Or course, I never will be completely silent, and there are ways to connect to people from across the ocean, so if you think: 'Oh god, I'm going to miss Kirsten,' don't worry!
We will write weblogs over there, and you can follow our expedition here.
It's in Dutch, I'm afraid, but we'll post pictures, too.

And oh, I'm getting more nervous every single minute, and the thought of hiding under my bed keeps going through my mind.
But I won't. I started this, I was the one who wanted to go, and now I'm going to finish it!
I'm not so keen on cowards, and right now, I'm being a BIG one. But I guess it's normal to be nervous and a bit afraid...
And it's only three weeks (yeah right, only...), 21 days. That sounds better.
And then I'll be back with a suitcase filled with experiences, things to tell and lots of souvenirs and gifts!

Always be who you are, no matter where you go. (which in my case means: be a little nervous, be a little shy, be very careful, be clumsy, be a little stubborn and love shopping, no matter where you are)

So... I hope I'll see you all back when I've returned and got my feet back on the ground over here again!
I'll let you know about it.

With love,

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