Sunday, August 15, 2010

The fashion-me is back again!


Wow, this weather is so depressing, it has been raining all day long! Man, it's a summerbreak, I want sun!
Last weekend I went to the spa with Marthe, a friend of mine, who went to Peru too, and we decided we deserved and needed some nice treatments.
So we went there, swam in the hot water pools (which was so nice, unbelievable, like you are swimming in a huge bath-tub), sank down in the jacuzzi's and went to the beautycentre.
We both got a massage, and I almost fell asleep on that table, it was really, really really great. I think I'm going to force my sister into a massage-course.
They also have a sort of beach, you can lie down in the sand and they do this thing with light and then it's like you're lying in the Sahara or something.
So I got a little piece of summer, at least.
After that, we went to the sauna, but there was a tiny surprise waiting for us: 'No clothes here.'
Crap. We both didn't expect that, and it was weird, you know, all these naked people. We just kept our towels wrapped around us very tight and felt a little uncomfortable. But later we found out there was a women-only sauna, and it was desolated, so we went there, and it was nice.
We felt so clean and relaxt after it, I think I'm going to do it more often!

This week, Tjorven and I organised a spontaneous fotoshooting in my new room, and it was so much fun!
It felt (and still feels) good to be able to choose from all your clothes every morning, and not just say: 'Hm, do I want to wear my grey or my khaki trekking-pants today?' ;-)
And I already found millions of new combinations, shoes, accesoires that I want to buy for fall, so let's hope my parents will find that okay... (I think not, at least not all of it, since I haven't lost my preference for expensive things in Peru)

But, of course, I learned that it's not all about being fashionable, looking good and being stylish, it's about being happy!

Have a nice day!

With love,

In the picure:
Top: Mine, Wonderwoman
Jeans: H&M
Necklace: Also mine, Bijou Brigitte
Top: Joe Browns
Jeans: Tjorven's, H&M
Necklace: Swarovski

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