Thursday, December 9, 2010

Let me dream like a child.

In the night, the angels come. They sit next to you on your pillow and touch your hair while you're asleep. There's nothing to be afraid of. You are safe, as safe as never before. They take you away to a magic world full of dreams.

They say, when you are asleep, your unconscious mind wakes and causes dreams.
But is that a declaration of the dreams you have? Sometimes, dreams are really strange. Some are happy, some are sad.

Last night I had the strangest dream. All I can remember of it is blurry, some images and how I felt while dreaming it.

I remember there was a soccer game. All my friends were there, but we couldn't see the field. So I wondered if we could sit somewhere else, but somehow, it wasn't possible, even though there were empty seats left.
There also was a ballet-performance, and when it started, one of my friends from Peru came to stage and played an instrument. Then, a line of ballerina's in white, wide tutu's joined and started dancing. And then it was my turn, together with Leona, who went to Peru with me, and four other girls. We wore deep red tutu's with glitters and little feathers. We danced and it was beautiful. Someone texted me: "Beautiful dance," and I felt really good.
Next thing I remember, is a house on the beach. There was sand on the wooden floor, lots of sand. My mother and I had had a discussion, and I had to fill the refridgerator. There were so many bottles of Coca-Cola and Karvan Cevitam Forest Fruit-sirup, and all of it had to get into the refridgerator.
And then I remember a guy. He was a surfer, with this blonde surfer-hairdo, and a tanned skin. We had had a fight, but we had made it up again. It was really romantic. We kissed in an edge of the room, where no one could see us. He was so big and strong and he lifted me and I clasped my arms around him. It felt warm and comfortable and so familiar.

And then... I can't remember anything anymore. Did I wake up at that moment, or have I just forgotten what happened?
And what does it mean?
I can place some elements, the dancing with Leona, we danced next to each other in our Peru dance too, and yesterday, I had some kind of fuss with my mother.
But ballet? A surfer? A beach house? What would all that mean?

Do you have any idea? Ever had such strange dreams? Let me know if you want to!

With love,

Please, please, get away from me
Please, please, go and let me dream
I don't need any of you to tell me how
The rain can fall on me
There's a faith in my heart
I can do anything
If I just try hard
I don't need all the boundaries
You built for me
And no, I don't need no guide
Let me feel all the thirst I have inside of me
Let me dream like a child

-Sunrise Avenue-
-Dream like a Child-


Rose Chrome said...

Wouw, mooi gedicht,

Fleur said...

Haha die droom :p supercool

Simone said...

haha die droom is echt geniaal! en mooie foto's!

Maddie said...

very cute!

Linda said...

Thank you dear!