Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Schooltrip Day!


Last Friday, we went to Antwerp, Belgium on a schooltrip. I already told about it, as we actually were planning to do that before the Holidays, but it got cancelled because of all the snow.
Well, there was no snow Friday! It was freezing cold, but the sun did shine and it was pretty nice weather. It was the kind of day on which every breath you take feels like inhaling toothpaste and the air is prickly and fresh. I actually love that kind of days, it reminds me of Disneyland...
Once again, I had the greatest fun with my friends. Almost everyone in my class is nice, so it's not hard to enjoy being with them. I don't like stereotyping people, or behaving stupid towards people with no reason, so I talk with/to everyone and I can have fun with everyone I like everyone! ;D
I'm in a very happy mood right now, if you hadn't noticed yet. Everything and everyone seems lovely and nice to me right now!

So, first some impressions of what we did Friday... We did that multicultural walking, which was fine, it only was too bad it was so cold, my toes felt like they were totally frozen!

Me and Yannick ^^
Gee I feel so tiny... Why are all these boys always so tall? It's rather unfair, I always have to look up if I want to have a conversation with them...

Geert is our new Rock 'n Roll God. And I am his agent! Isn't that totally cool? It's a great thing he already knows how to do his "Rockstar-on-coke"-look, he doesn't have to practise that.

Asha, Priscilla, Dide, Fleur, Lisa, Sammy. Love Sammy's coat.

Some sweet Belgian flowers...

This could be reason enough to like the city... Diamonds are a girl's best friend!

Chilling out and warming up again at Starbucks... What would be a better place? According to some guys in my class, I have a sixth sense, which would be my "Where to find a Starbucks"-sense. It isn't even that hard, you just have to look properly and you'll find them easily.

Having fun with our Happy Meals... I hadn't had one for so many years, it was totally funny. There were Hello Kitty toys in it! My little sister liked that, too...

And well, as were here, we could do a little shopping just the same...
Of course it took more time than we thought, but two hours is just too short, so we arrived slightly late at the place we had to collect. But we had some reasons for it!

New underwear <3 cute and sweet and lacy, just like I like it... Remember what I wrote about cute underwear in my last post? It's true!

I absolute fell in shoppinglove with this Vespa-charm. I just had to buy it! I love Vespa, and I love jewels, so it's a wonderful combination, isn't it?

Butterflies! I want it to be spring soon, so I can wear it. I want it to be spring soon anyway, I'm pretty much done with the cold. Who wouldn't?

So, shortly said: We had loads of great fun!
I want more schooltrips. It's fun and it's nice to be somewhere together without being in a boring, cold classroom. 
But now, as it's getting pretty late, I guess that will be it for today. Hope you liked it ;-)
There's only one thing I couldn't let be unseen... Even Rock 'n Roll Gods need their naps now and then... 
Sweet dreams!

With love, 

We're gonna get it all started
Because the night is young
The light is out the door
Today was crazy but
Tonight the city's ours
Live it up, until the morning comes
Today was crazy but tonight
The city is our, our, ours.
- Big Time Rush - 

P.S.: If there are some people who need the rest of the pictures, you can find them here: 
It should work if you're not on facebook, too (especially for Fleur ^^)


Unknown said...

lovely photographs, it all looks so picturesque and beautiful! x

Marieke said...

Wat leuk, naar Antwerpen! Ziet er gezellig uit, leuke foto's!