Thursday, July 19, 2012

Summer hasn't even started yet


There's been a lot of rain lately. Clouds, storm and wind filled the air for weeks.
No swimming in the pool, no barbeques, no sunbathing.
It has its effect on my mood, too.
My mind is filled with clouds, my feelings are as wild as a midsummer storm. It's the way I used to feel a few months ago, before the illusion of love, when I was happy, single and everything was fine. I'm writing again, poems and stories. The book is still a dream, but who knows...

I have seas of time to create things, do things and have fun. I had loads of picture frames, thousands of pictures, but no time to sort them out and make it something pretty.
Once I found the time again, I started working on it, and I enjoyed doing so. It makes me remember moments filled with fun and joy.
All that it took was just a little time and an idea that came up to my mind a long time ago. Now I made it into something more. It's a living memory.


Between those rainy hours and nights, I managed to find a few moments of sunshine.
I think I'm in love again. I got back in contact with someone from the past and it seems that there still might be something left of what I once experienced when I was with him.
Then there is another guy, but his mind is too hard to read to search for intentions or reasons.
I don't really mind. I'm just enjoying the feeling and go wherever it might take me.
It will all be fine, I'm sure.

On some days, I can't even make the tiniest rain shower into something sunny.
I didn't get through the selection for medicine, which took me down pretty hard, but I did some research and there still is a proper chance I'll get a place for this year! And even if I don't get that place, I already found two other studies which will challenge me and offer me nice prospects for the future.
I'll get where I want to be eventually.
And remember, eventually every plant will start to bloom and flowers will show up in places you never expected them.

With love,

Some days you know it's too hard to look on the bright side
Some days you wanna run from it all, then hide
Sometimes you feel like all that you need is a short break
Some days you feel alone and it's too much to take
Doesn't matter how bad, I know I always have you next to me
Doesn't matter how hard it will be on my heart, I always land on my feet

But what I like about you is that you're all mine

Treat me so fine
Hope we'll always gonna be this way
Your eyes when you smile heal me inside
And you always make a brighter day
When you are not around I'm down in the ground
That's what I like about you and I gotta feeling
I think you kind of like me too

- Sunrise Avenue - 


ellie said...

Love your update! Oh, I'd love to have some rain here. What a beautiful room of art!

caitlin and megan said...

So glad you updated. I love your charm of writing and all your creativity!

Fleur said...

die muur kan ik me niet herinneren.... en hij ziet er super uit, dus OF ik ben het vergeten OF jij hebt weer een creatieve uitspatting gehad haha :p
ik vind eigenlijk dat iedereen van onze school een blog zou moeten hebben, zodat we bij iedereen toch nog konden lezen hoe het met ze gaat enzo, zeker nu we niet meer zo vaak in contact zijn met elkaar...
hoe was je vakantie? ben zeeeer benieuwd naar al die spannende vakantieverhalen haha :p