Saturday, April 25, 2009

Eye shots

Well I was having fun taking pictures of my eyes.
Or actually, I cut them out of other pictures, gives a funny effect.
Look at the results:

Just wearing mascara and a little bit of eyeliner.

Mascara and metallic blue eyepencil (Bourjois Effet Métalisé)

Mascara and shimmer eyeshadow (Essence)
(I always wear mascara, except if I stay at home all day and I'm too tired to do my makeup)

Well, here I was just trying with blue and purple and shimmers. I like the picture, but the look is too heavy to wear at school, I think.. Too bad I forgot to take off my glasses, now you see this pink line.

OK, I was crying, but it was because I was using eyeliner, and then I accidently missed and the eyeliner was IN my eye. Stupid action, wasn't a nice feeling.

Here my sister did my makeup, she wanted to make me a Barbiedoll. Don't know if I look like one, Barbiedolls are blonde, aren't they?
But I like the picture, except for the fake eyelash which didn't do what I wanted it to do.

Well, this are my pictures, hope you'll like them.

Enjoy the weekend!
xx Cuppykirsten


Anna said...

Die laatst staat echt heel mooi (:

Kelly said...

your eyes are beautiful! OMG. i love a little eyeliner and mascara it always makes your eyes pop and more awake!