Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Purikura explosion

Hi there! n_n
I've also told I love Japan, especially Tokyo, and all those Japanese stuff and things. Purikura is a Japanese way of making funny pictures. Upload a picture, and just start. I really enjoy it, I like all those colours and characters and stamps and so on. You should try, it is easy and fun!

Me and my best friend Jasmijn. We've been friends for... 11 years or something? In any case, for a very long time. She lives at the opposite of my street, so we just walk in and out. She's a bit crazy, but she's sooooo funny.

This is my friend Nikki. We went to primary school together, but we've been real friends since highschool.

My crazy sister Tjorven and me. She's really funny, but she's my sister, so she can be sooooo annoying sometimes! (Do you see, she's the devil. I'm the angel xD)

This is me. I like those hippie-hairbands, this one I made by myself.

Valentine's Day-Single-Girls-Party! Went to a restaurant first, then watched movies at Anna's house (at the picture). From left to right: Stefanie, Nikki, Anna, Jana, Nadja and Kirsten.

It's me again. This time I wanted a comic-look.

Anna and I, we went shopping at Aachen (Aix-la-Chapelle, Germany). We love Starbucks!

These are my best pictures, hope you enjoyed watching them, and if you like them, make some on your own: puricute.com

It's really fun!

xx Cuppykirsten


Anna said...

Aaah ze zijn allemaal zoooo lief (:

HiFashion said...

Cute pics. Or I should say: Kawaii!