Thursday, April 30, 2009

Shopping trips and Shiny Sun

Wow, the sun is shining! I love the sun! Too bad it doesn't show up that often here. But, it's just the way it is, so we have to enjoy it as we can.
So that's what I did last Tuesday and Wednesday.
Wednesday, I went to Phantasialand with my sisters, parents and Talitha, one of my sister's friends. Phantasialand is cool, I like rollercoasters and speed and the whole thing. I only have felt sick and dizzy for the rest of de evening. A little bit too much speed and hanging head over heels and turning around.
Tuesday, I went shopping (is there a better way to enjoy?). Just went to Heerlen, so nothing special, but I bought some nice things.

Bought the new Twilight book. In English, 'cause th Dutch version isn't available yet, and I couldn't wait to know what's going to happen. Actually, it isn't as hard to read as I thought it was. It's a very good book!

New bracelets. I like them, they're cute and summer-style. And I also like the beads. And the color! (Guess what my favourite colour is?)

My new shoes ^^ Don't know what to say about them. I just like them.

New rings, nice and colourful. (except the one with the hearts, I've had that one for a couple of years) Thank God for SIX.

New earrings with flowers (SIX).

My new Japanese hair-pin.
Bought it at De Houtel Sleutel (In English: The Wooden Key), a very cool store in Heerlen. They sell all those Japanese things, jewels, hairclips, clothes, Hello Kitty stuff, erasers, and Japanese food. Which is a bit risky to buy, if you ask me, because, unless you know Japanese, you can't read what it is exactly.. But they have awesome things, and I love being there. The people are really nice and kind, and they have so much things, you could spend ours there!

Me, picture was taken through a window. The hairclip I'm wearing was also bought at De Houten Sleutel. It's a pink ribbon with a pink lollipop made of Fimo on top. I like these things ^^

So... Enough talking for now, I'm going to enjoy the sun again! (While reading my new book in the garden)

xx Cuppykirsten


Seeker said...

So cute stuff.

Thank you for visited my blog and left such nice comment

Keep in touch if you feel like it


jessica said...

cute rings , lovvie !!

Fleur said...

Hi Kirsten!
Ik wist helemaal niet dat jij een blog had, ik kwam pas op jouw blog nadat ik op die van Anna was gekomen. Echt wel vet!
je hebt echt een schattig speldje gekocht bij DHS :)
Wist je al dat ik en Nadja samen ook een blog hebben? Over kleding en cupcakes enzo :D Kijk maar eens n__n.Fijne vakantie verder en lekker veel shoppen!
x Fleur

Anna said...

Heyyy ik heb je getagd, kijk maar even op mn blog 8D

Anna said...

En een award รถ

Cuppykirsten said...

Oh, btw, I also bought new clothes, but I can't show them yet, beacause they're for a party, so they have to be a 'little secret' 'till then. I don't really know the English word for the party, but it has something to do with our religion and Jesus and God, and my 7-year old sister does it this month. We call it 'communie', but I don't know the English word.. xD
THANKS EVERYBODY FOR ALL THOSE REACTS! I really appreciate it, so lots of thanks to everyone who likes my blog and comments it.