Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My wishlist:

Hi again!
I was bored, so I started looking for things I'd love to have:

The new Lacôme mascara. I need a new mascara, and I'd like to try this one. It has a moving brush, I wonder how it will look.

A red Ray Ban Wayfarer. I like red, and these sunglasses are timeless. My mother will buy them for me if I do my Spanish exam well. So, let's hope!

The Louis Vuitton Halo Shimmer bag. I adore this bag! It's so beautiful and shiny and gorgeous. And expensive. So I don't think I'll ever own it.. :(
Well, maybe later, when I'm old enough to gain my own money.

These sunglasses are so funny! I'vee seen sunglasses with heart-shaped glasses, star-shaped glasses etc, but I've never seen apple-shaped glasses.

These classis Christian Louboutin pumps. Beautiful, but the same story as the Louis Vuitton bag: Too expensive for a 15-year old girl who doens't have a job or very rich parents..

The pink Koh nailpolish. Really cute color, and it is quick-drying and long-lasting.
The other colors are nice, too, but the pink one is my favorite.

These Killah shoes. They're so sweet, but my sice was sold out. Too bad, I really like them.

This Swarovski Elvis pendant. It's so cute and shiny! I'll ask this one for Christmas, I think.. I really WANT it!

Okay, last, but not least: I want to be Kristen Stewart in this picture! Hello, (nearly) kissing Robert Pattinson? I'd die for it! And omg, in this tux he looks even more gorgeous as normal. Ooh, I wish I was her.. =P

This was my wishlist. If you could help me get on of these things, I'd love to hear it. ;)

xx Cuppykirsten


Anonymous said...

Ohh Robert....so smokin' :-)


jessica said...

i pretty much really need wayfarers .
there is this dusty pink pair ... ah, heartbreak .

Annie said...

love love love the red wayfarers! they're so classy. along with the black louboutins, those are just perfection.


E said...

Ray Ban<3

Aline said...

I want everything here too!

Fashionisaparty.com (Suz) said...

bedankt voor je reactie! ik hou van die appeltjeszonnebril :D.