Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Back From Barcelona!
Oh, I just had a wonderful time there, it was just awesome! Barcelona is beautiful, all those buildings and people and shops <3
And it was just fun hanging out with my (new) friends.
And I bought some nice stuff:
-new Tommy Hilfiger flats, black, with a tiny ribbon at the top,
-a new shopper, Pimkie, white with blue accents and a girl drawed on it,
-and a Hard Rock Café shirt, black with glitters. I collect those shirts.
We had so much fun the last night at the appartments, we stayed up 'till 5 in the morning, making little movies with our camera's, making drawings with aquarel painting and doing crazy things (we made a bucket with lemonade, in the middle of the night xD). And the last day, Friday, we had almost the whole day to do what we wanted to do in Barcelona. We went shopping, of course. Wow, there are so many shops, and so cool! I really love Barcelona. We also bought beer (or, actually, Jibbe, a boy from our school, he's 16, but he looks older, bought beer) and we drank it all together (which is actually not allowed when you're 15, sssh!)
And when we were on the way back home, I was so tired! I still am, by the way.
But it was just amazing!
I'll post the pictures soon, but I took so many pictures, about 400 or something.
And oooh, there were some cute guys there... ^^
Well, I just wanted to let you know I'm still alive (if you care, you know I still am right now!), and tell about the best week of the year.
See you soon!

xxx Cuppykirsten
P.S.: If you ever went to Barcelona, tell me! I'd really like to hear other's stories about Barcelona ;)

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