Friday, June 12, 2009

The Story was...

Hello again!
Oh, fortunately it's weekend! School is really annoying me at the moment, I don't like those weeks before summer, they're so busy, but no one WANTS to do anything right now. We're all tired, we deserve a nice holiday, and the last lessons are boring.
But, today, I did something useful at school.
A couple of days ago, I saw this picture when I was looking for Twilight stuff on the internet (I know, I'm obsessed. Or, Robsessed is a better way to say it ;))

It's not beacause of the picture, but the text inspired me, so I wrote a poem about it, today in class (wasn't anything better to do..) I used the sentences from the picture, but the rest is all written by myself. I'll post it here now, so you can read it. Please tell me if you like it, I could really use some advice about writing.

The Story was
The story was a sleeping girl
In a narrow bed
Dark hair thick and wild
Twisted upon the pilow
Those deep eyes
Chocolat-colored but closed
A pale white skin
Soft and smooth and warm
Like silk
Her pink-toned cheeks
Colored with the blood
Rushing through her veins
Delicious smelling seduction
Her heartbeat filled the room
And slowly breathing in the air
Her body close to his
The story was a sleeping girl
And her love was true

The story was a perfect boy
In a narrow bed
Hair bronze and wild
Tickling her forehead and nose
Those deep eyes
Gold and warm and opened
A pale white skin
Cold and smooth but hard
Like ice
A wonderful face
Like an angels has
His sweet breath stroked her face
Softly whispering her name
His quiet heart next to hers
Never sleeping never a heartbeat
Holding her so close
The story was a perfect boy
And he loved her true.

So... This was it. Hoped you like it!

xx Kirsten

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