Thursday, July 2, 2009

Sun Sun Sun!

The sun is shining! Oh, I'm so happy! I adore the sun and summer feelings.
I'm so glad it's my last school week, and it's a testweek, you make two tests a day, and then you're done, you can go home to learn for your next tests. But you can be outside and swim or do whatever you like! And tomorrow it's Friday, I'll go swimming with a couple of girlfriends. ^^
I have a lot of pictures again, I've given myself little make-overs and took pictures in the garden, we have a lot of plants and I like that.
I'll show you the results.

New outfit ^^ (Vintage top, Rainbow jeans, Tommy Hilfiger shoes (From Barcelona), Necklace: Gift from Nadja, D&G watch, self-made bracelet)

Doing some Harajuku-looks! I was bored, so I decided to do something weird and funny. So, this is my Harajuku-(w)hairdo. I think I'll wear this when it's Carnival

With Hoops, my pink friend.

And this is what I did (or, actually, my hairdresser did): I painted my hair pink. I like it, the color matches my glasses and it's so... pink. I know, I'm crazy. That's what's fun about me, I guess.. But I'm not sure, I should ask my friends about it. (I know, the outfit isn't that great, I went swimming in our pool and then just throw a summer dress on over my swimsuit.)

So.. Guess this was it, should go learning Geography now (and I'm so NOT in the mood for it...)


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