Friday, February 12, 2010

Carnivalish Holidays

Gosh, I should be over here more often, I guess.. Too bad I don't think I will be up to post a lot this week, since I'm going on a holiday trip.
Which I actually like. We're not going far, to the coast (yeah, these Dutch beaches rock), CenterParcs in Zeeland. And we have a cottage with a sauna!
So it's gonna be relaxing till I'm tired again! Though I want to do some active stuff, too.. Good thing there's a huge tropical pool, and we could hike or something...
On the other hand... All my friends are going to celebrate Carnaval this week, everyone is going out and dance and have fun.
And it's a bit sour when everyone asks: 'Hey, are you coming to the Tent, too?', while you are away and can't be there.
But, no worries, I'll be there next year!
And I'm sure I'll have a good time on vacantion.. I'm going to take a huge pile of books with me, some new, some old favs. I got me Life's too short to frost a Cupcake, and The Host, and I take my Shopaholic books with me, and Not quite a Bride, so I won't get bored :D
And I did a little Carnaval last week, I went to Cologne with my parents, that was fun! I was dressed up as a witch, and my hat was so cool! All purple and feathers and ribbons.
And oooh, by the way, I got new shoes! (yes, again) I got Prada's, and they're soooooo pretty! (and high. I can't walk on them, I'm going to learn that this week).
I'll post pics of them when I'm back.

So, enjoy your holidays, or Carnaval, have fun, relax, don't drink too much, keep it cool and like we say over here when we celebrate Carnaval: 'Alaaf!' ;-)

Love, Kirsten

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Fleur said...

alaaf kirsten!
volgend jaar ga je wel gewoon mee carnaval vieren, toch? :) t was echt wel cool :P
maar veel plezier in Zeeland (lekker relaxen :D)
xx Fleur