Saturday, February 20, 2010

Back home and lots to do...

Oh, it's good to be home again!
I had a good time on my trip, it was all very relaxed, no have-to's, just want-to's. We did a little shopping, went swimming, hung around, read a lot, that sort of things.
But there's no place like home.
And I'm very glad I don't have to share a bed with my sister anymore. Damn, she was so annoying.
The picture above is from Dior's Valentine's Day newsletter, which I received last week.
And though I don't like Valentine's Day that much (I think it's not about love, but about commercial stuff), I like the picture, there's something about it, some air of mystery and ladylike flair.
Maybe it has something to do with the word Love.
I like the word, in almost every language. Love. Amor. Liefde. L'amour. Liebe.
It's all about love, love, love!

Took this picture on the road. I was surprised I managed to take a nice pic through the window of the car while driving. I really like the red sun and pink air, it looks magical.

And it immediately brings me to a romantic mood, so lightly and happy, dreamy. I think I'm going to write on my story, it's something I like to do when I feel like that.
But I actually don't have time to write...
I should clean up my room, work on my English paper (a bookreport, mine is about New Moon, so that's easy), learn for my scooter-exam, and tomorrow my family comes to celebrate my birthday, which is Tuesday, but tomorrow was the best day available. And my Sweet Sixteen Party will be next Friday, and there's a lot to prepare for that, too...
Busy Busy Busy!

So I think it's better if I stop writing here now and go working...

xoxo, Kirsten

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