Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Feel the flower!


Another post from me today!
Today was ourt last school day! Yay!
Now we only have to make it through the tests, and then it's summerbreak!
And we all go to the fifth year of high school (except the ones who won't...)

Lalalaaaa, I'm so happy, lalalaa! And I can't sing, lalala. But I love to sing, lalala. 'Cause it makes me even more happy! La-la-laaa!
(and I don't have songwriter-skills, either)

Oh, and I haven't told it yet, I guess, but I finally bought a new computer! It was about time. I could take in shower and wash my hair in the time the old one took to start. Now I have a laptop, and I love it! I can take it everwhere, my room, the couch, the kitchen, the garden...
Yesterday night I watched a movie on it, my dad downloaded it a while ago, but I hadn't seen it.
The movie is called Little Ashes, and it's beautiful. It's about Salvador Dalí, the painter, and his friend Federico García Lorca, a poet. In the movie, they fall in love, but their love isn't allowed so they keep it secret. It has a tragic end, I cried (I always cry when I'm watching sad movies), but it's a good movie, I guess.
You feel this sexual tension in every single scene, it's a great job of acting.
And yeah, it's with Robert Pattinson, but he looks a bit weird. At the begin, he looks like Willy Wonka. The other guy, Javier Beltrán, is pretty sexy too, so it wasn't hard to enjoy.
I placed a few pics of the movie, the first one is the official film poster, and I took the other two while watching the movie, using printscreen mode. I like the effects in the water, the drops are glinstering in the moonlight and that makes it look pretty...

But I have to go now, dinner's ready.

With love,

"Remember me when you are at the beach and above all when you paint crackling things and little ashes.
Oh my Little Ashes!
Put my name in the picture so that my name will serve for something in the world."

-Federico García Lorca to Salvador Dalí

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Fleur said...

ik wist helemaal niet dat dan over dali ging :P