Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A weekend, a schoolday, a journey...


Oh, it's so HOT in here!
I love summer and the sun, but it's not the perfect season for sleeping on a ceiling. And if you're dad is cultivating your room, which means you don't have a closet to put your clothes in, and that means the tiny piece of room you are able to use, is covered with clothes to make it look even smaller, it's absolutely no nice place to sleep.
But I can't complain, it will look better when finished, and at least I have an own room, a bed to sleep in and all these other things.

This weekend I went to Park City Live, a musicfestival in Heerlen. We helped there, to gain some money for the Peru-project. We had to check tickets and clean up, it was nice! It was really warm, so we all got a little tanned, and we could enjoy the music. I still have painful legs from bending forwards all the time, haha.

And I had so much fun at school today! (yes, that is possible... you just have to make it fun!)
This morning when I was leaving home, I found the new CosmoGIRL! in our mailbox, and I just put it in my bag, to read it at school.
And the funny thing is, I always take it with me to read it myself, but mostly, the boys steal it and read it!
Our Maths-teacher just let us do what we wanted to, next weeks the exams started and we did all the things we had to, so we could talk and have some fun. And I always sit with Danny, Paul and Jari, and they really liked the Cosmo. At first, Jari wanted to throw it out of the window, but I guess he knows that I wouldn't like that, and or course he would never do such a thing. ;-)
(I'm just being nice now)
The guys wanted to do all the tests, the fill up-story and they watched pictures and commented them.

Paul: 'Hey, Jari, are you watching the hats?'
Jari: 'What do you think? Not the hats.' (add: The girls under the hats)

So we did all the tests, read all the stories (it was a Twilight-special, I was totally happy with all these cute pictures and interviews with Rob and Tay, the boys said they were gay... Sillies), analysed our horoscopes (boys seem to read them, too) and commented all the pictures, and then class was over. It really was funny.

And coming back to something I said earlier, about having a place to sleep and about Peru, I realize it's only 11 days away! We will leave on Saturday 10 July, in the middle of the night. From Heerlen to Schiphol (the airport in Amsterdam), from Schiphol to Madrid, from Madrid to Lima, to Ayacucho, back to Lima, to Cusco, hiking through the Andes to Ocongate, to Machu Picchu, and back to Cusco, Lima, Madrid, Amsterdam, Heerlen.
It's going to be a great journey, I am sure. It's about expanding your horizon, shifting boundaries, doing things we have never done before, doing something nice for someone else and having lots of fun!
Of course it will be a non-luxury trip, no Chanel-bags (the one on the pic is great! It's from the Paris-Shangai collection and absolutely adorable!), no Prada-shoes, no warm and comfortable bed, no cellphone, and in the worst case: no toilet.
But it's going to be great, I know it!

With love,

We are going to this place here... It seems to be magical.

And seeing people like this! I'm going to shop so much there...

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Fleur said...

ooh ja, ik weet precies waar je het over hebt! slapen op een zolder in deze hitte is echt een hel (zowel letterlijk als figuurlijk :P) en zeker ZONDER airconditioning :P
maar wel echt cool dat jullie al bijna naar Peru gaan! Ik heb echt enorm veel respect voor jullie, dat jullie dat allemaal gaan doen, echt goed! :D