Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The last days of disco...


Another story of mine today, since I'll leave for three weeks Friday and I won't be able to write (much) then.
The nerves are starting to kick in, and I've found myself wondering why exactly I wanted to go away for three weeks. But then I remember all the great things we are going to do or see, and how much fun we all have, and then it's like: This can't be real, me having this opportunity.
And I'm sure it's going to be great!

I took the picture above a while ago, I went to the movies with Anna, and after that, we wanted to use the bathroom, but we had already left the cinemabuilding, so we walked into a mall. We couldn't use the bathroom there, either, but I saw all these cute Discoballs hanging at Expo and took a photo of them.
Sweet, aren't they?

I love disco, but not so much the going out-thing, but just making my own disco. I organise my own disco with Tjorven sometimes, and that's great. We dress up in funny clothes, take a hairbrush (instead of a microphone), turn on the old CD's from our parents and sing along very loudly. Last time we danced at Tjorven's room, and then you get pictures like the one beneath.
I know, we must be absolutely crazy.

And this picture show my little sister Jytte (4th from left), with her friends last weekend. They performed on Rockstar 4 a Day, a talentshow for kids who want to dress up and sing or dance like their idol.
As you can see, they performed Pokerface from Lady Gaga, and I must say, they did very well! I'm proud of them!
And I love their sunglasses, I want them, too! ;D

But I'm going to watch the soccer game again, see you later!

With love,

The fascination of
a boy and girl in love,
for a second I can see her.
In the mirror ball,
the human animal,
the creature that I fear.

Don't call it a comeback
look what I invented here
I thought it was easy
They came it took it away from us
The last days of Disco...

(Robbie Williams - The last days of disco)

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Fleur said...

haha, lady gaga heeft zelfs jonge fans :P
wie had dat gedacht