Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Two little pigeons telling us a lovestory


It's such a wonderful day! It's warm, even for a October day, and I'm sitting here with my Grandmother, and we're watching wedding dresses. I love weddings, and I think it's too bad that I hardly ever have to visit one. For the dresses, I know I'm way too young to marry, and I don't want to right now, I don't even have a boyfriend. But these dresses are so pretty!
I mean, look at this one:

I can almost imagine myself wearing it, you know, with lovely done hair and make-up and looking all pretty. And then, my handsome Prince Charming (who, I can't help it, I always imagine a bit like a younger version of Patrick Dempsey, with a hint of Robert Pattinson... I wouldn't mind!), and then we get our happily ever after.
Yeah, dream on Kirsten, Earth is calling for you!
But, well, a little dreaming won't harm anyone. I do so almost all day every day, and I never noticed many troubles coming from it, so.
Like today, I was wandering through our house, and then my mother's home-decorations caught my eye. We have more than I thought, if you look well, you'll find them almost everywhere! I like them, they give the house a relaxed and playful touch, I think.
The two pigeons are adorning the bookshelve in our living room. Aren't they cute?
(In fact, I like these two because they're stone, real pigeons are a bit scary, I think. I don't like birds that much)

But I think that will be it for today, I have to help my mom making dinner or so...
Remeber to love! ;-)

With love,

P.S.: Who knows what the pigeons might bring one day...


em. said...

jij weet toch dat het pas oktober is he?

Fleur said...

die duifjes zijn echt schattig :)

Nadja said...

Die jurk is echt mooi!!!!
Je schrijft echt goed engels