Tuesday, December 7, 2010

An ending and a new blog


Hope you all are doing fine today!

Yesterday we held the official end-ceremony for our Global Exploration Project. It was a really nice ceremony, though it took all evening and I was just home at 23.30, feeling terribly tired, very satisfied, but also sad because it now "officially" is over.
I've never wanted it to end, it was such a great time, and the best experience in my life. Now I feel like the chapter has ended, the book is closed and it's done.
But I'm sure we won't let this be the real end. We're a group, we're friends, and December 18th, we have a SingStar-party at Leona's!
Who's in?

But what is sad, is that there are some people we probably won't ever see again, or never in the way we did. Meaning: Frederique from the Mama Alice Foundation, our guides, Ciro and Hubert (with whom we went skating lately), the boys and girls from Ayacucho, the streetchildren, the Indians, all people who were great to us and made us a wonderful trip, but now it's like something is over.

But definitely, I'm going back once. I want to see it all again, as soon as possible. If I could, I would leave tomorrow!
But that's not possible, so I'm going to save money and whenever I can, I'll be back on a plane towards Lima.
And maybe I could visit some of my friend there, then! The boys from Ayacucho, my "Peruvian Boyfriend" Anderson, or maybe even Frederique or Hubert or Ciro...
And probably, some people of the group are going back too, so it would even be the greatest if we could go all together again.

Where would we be if we couldn't dream?

Today's dream is:
I dream of never forgetting all the good that has come to me in all my life, but especially the time I was in Peru. I dream of my friends there living a nice, fair life, without so many difficulties. A world without borders, freedom for everyone.

And now I promise this will be the last thing I'll post here about Peru. I don't know who would like to know, but for the people who do, I've started a new blog: The girl who went to Peru.
I'm going to place more pictures of the trip there, and the comments out of my travel-journal. So, if you are interested, read it, I would say!

We can not change the world. But we can make a difference.

With love,


tilly said...

very cute blog so sad that the story has
come to an end :( please follow back love
thilde from
thanx xxxxx

Fleur said...

Maar waar is het verhaal van elvis nu? :( hij is toch niet terug naar zijn planeetje, toch, toch??
Ik begon hem net aardig te vinden haha :p

Cuppykirsten said...

Nou, eerst wel, want ik wist niet zo goed wat ik met hem aanmoest...
Maar hij miste jou ook dus nou is hij weer terug. Hij moet wel weer snel terug komen van de winkel, want dan kan k weer gekke foto's maken haha.