Thursday, December 23, 2010

There's something about Christmas time...

Oh, I hope we are finally getting a white Christmas this year!
Wouldn't that be wonderful?
Though snow is cold, sticky, wet and not really comfortable to move through, it looks so cute, this white, fluffy cuteness definitely has something about it.
Now, Christmas...
My mother decided our colour-theme is silver/white/red this year, and I have to say that I like it. We have silver in the tree, and then red candles, ribbons and these lovely red amaryllis (I just found out they're also called Belladonna Lily, and I like that name more). It's almost see-through here, so it has some delicate air.

Yesterday, I bought all the presents for my family, which was a BIG thing, because I also have a BIG family (parents, three sisters, me, grandparents, and three uncles and three aunts this year), but I had great fun and I think I bought them presents they will like.
It also is very crowded at my work now, but it's a nice kind of crowdiness. Everyone buys lots of food for the Christmasdays, and everyone is friendlier, and we offer them Christmas-candy and they like it, so it's definitely a good mood there.
And I just found out I received a Christmas-card from the managers of the supermarket I work in, which is very sweet of them I think. It does give you some extra feel-good-boost to go to work.

Now, presents... Here's my wishlist!

First, I have to say, anything nice and shiny will do. Nice jewels or something.
Also on the list:

A Pip-studio schoolbag. I like these the most, but any other is fine too, all of them are cute.

One of this cupcake-bags! A friend of mine spotted them when he went to school, and he told me he thought I would like them. Well, I do, indeed! Especially the blue one, so I have to find the shop and buy me one!
Good job, even more if we consider the fact that it's a guy who spotted them. I didn't know men had eye for things like this...

This Beatle-shirt. Absolutely cool, got to get it someway... Probably not for Christmas though, but I'm having my birthday in February, so maybe it would arrive in time for my birthday?

Some cute decorations for my room. Anything will do - pillows, candles, picture-frames, artworks, just everything! And these Russian dolls are so cool!

Movies, CD's, DVD's, books... Love it all. Eclipse is on my list, and I would not mind at all if Robert Pattinson stopped by to give it to me personally. I probably would get myself another thing for Christmas then... (a BOYFRIEND! XD)

And now... No, I don't want a puppy-dog.
Guess what this image stands for?
Just right, LOVE!

Now, anyone who wants a cute, decorated gingerbread-doll? 
Have a merry Christmas and wonderfull days!

With Love,

There's something about Christmas time
Something about Christmas time
Which makes you wish it was Christmas every day...

-Brian Adams-


Anonymous said...

pipppp studio (lll)

Fleur said...

zou ik jessy kunnen veranderen in zo'n sjattig klein gingerbread mannetje, denk je? :P ze zijn zoooo leuk :)