Friday, January 21, 2011

My imagination takes me everywhere


Woohoo, I've finished the first four school exams! Only five to go now, so if we all keep the positive spirit up, it will be fine and over before we will notice.
I came across a leaflet of a travel agency yesterday, and I started wondering about places to go and holidays. I definitely want to go away after my graduation for some weeks, but I don't know where to go...
I always said I wanted to go to New York after graduation, and I still consider it as one of the options. New York must be awesome and I absolutely want to go there once in my life.
I also could go back to Peru... Not a single day passes without me thinking about Peru and everything we experienced there, and I long for that time. But maybe it would be better to go back there when I'm older?
Japan would be cool, too. I would love to see Tokyo and all its craziness!
Or Australia... It must be so incredubly beautiful there, but it's a very big country, and my mother won't let me go backpacking, because that is "dangerous," according to her.
The last destination going through my mind is some tropical island, like the Maldives or Bora Bora. Have you ever seen pictures of that? It's all clear blue seas, pale white beaches, palmtrees, cloudless skies and lovely resorts...
Me loves!

See, I can just image myself lying there in the hot sand, having a drink from a real coconut and reading a nice book, or swimming in the sea. I think I'll start saving money next year... ^^

I only need someone who would join me, and I have no idea of who would be a good choice.
I think it depends on the place to go. I wouldn't mind to go to New York on my own, but lying on the beach on your own for three weeks is just plain boring. If it would be Peru I would ask some of my Global Exploration friends, as we all want to go back and they understand what it's like.
So, first looking for a destination, which will be really hard. There are so many wonderful places to see, and I want to see them all. Every single country, every sight there is to see. I wished I could see them all, but fortunately we have pictures of almost everything to make it easier.
So my little tip:
Find a picture like the one above, of a lovely place.
Imagine someone to be there with. 
Take your iPod and put on some relaxed music.
Close your eyes and go wherever you want to go...

It's all in you, you just have to let it flow! 
Inspiration. Imagination. Fantasy.

With love, 

Du kannst in die Ferne fliegen,
Durch die Mongolei
in tiefste Tiefen tauchen
Fühl Dich frei
Das Universum dehnt sich aus
Du kannst die Gipfel erklimmen
zu allen Inseln schwimmen
In Deinem Herzen bin ich sowieso dabei
Denn ich bin immer Dein Zuhaus

- Ich & Ich -


Anna said...

Die collage vind ik nou echt heeel erg kirsten :p
Heel veel suc6 met je examens!


Madeleine said...

Did you make that collage? It is so pretty! I enjoy your tip, by the way, very good advice. Thank you for your sweet comment!

Marieke said...

Die collage is leuk gemaakt zeg! En ik zou ook heel graag naar het buitenland willen na mijn examens, maar helaas moet ik eerst nog 2 jaar naar school :(

Fleur said...

whaha een collage met t meisje van clikits, supercool :P