Friday, January 7, 2011

Time keeps passing away

Just one very quick post today, as I'm so busy I should remind myself to keep breathing!

I just got home from school, and I just changed my clothes to go to my tennis course at 17.00. I am really seeing forward to it, because I totally love playing tennis and the girls from my team.
After that, I will have to go to my grandparents, we are having dinner there tonight, and then I have to go home, take a shower, change clothes again, do my make-up and my hair, polish my nails for the New Year's Gala from school!
Love the new year's gala!
I managed to find a lovely dress, it's champagne-coloured, but I will post a picutre of it later, as my mom is running in to drop me at the tenniscourse...

Busy busy busy!
I want to be able to stop the time!
Wish me luck!

With love,


Jet♥ said...

wat een super leuke klok!

Marieke said...

Haha jij hebt het idd héél druk! En inderdaad, echt een hele leuke klok :)