Monday, August 1, 2011

Liebe ist Leben

My dearest reader,

Once again, my apologies for my absence, but as I said before, I'm incredibly busy. We're running around all day long, visiting things, having fun, and in the evenings, pajama-parties are common, so usually we're just glad to take a nice, hot shower and fall asleep...

We're having the greatest time here.
I wondered before I went, would it be better than my last Summer, which I spent in incredibly beautiful Peru?
I think I do have to say that it's not exactly better, but just as good in a very different way. Germany definitely is not South-America, and we do totally different things here. It's not a comparison. 
Nevertheless, it's wonderful to be here and spend time with great people from all over the world. Amazing.

Meet the best new people. We're Gruppe Fang 22, named after Catch 22, and aren't we the loveliest? We al are different, but that's okay, we learn a lot from each other and it works.

I have made the greatest new friends. It's incredible how fast we grew close, how some of them have changed from silent and shy to amazingly funny and wonderful friends. I'm going to miss them...

It's just that we are together all the time, for almost four weeks now. You get used to having all of them around you all the time, and Friday, it will be over.
I. Don't. Want. To. Go. Home!
Nevertheless, I have to. We all have to go home by the end of the week, but we don't talk about it if we don't have to.
Who knows when, where and if we will ever see each other again?

It's like we can do whatever as long as we are here, and as soon as we get on our plane home, that is over. We've seen and done so many things.
Visited museums, buildings, memorials.
Swam in the evening, went skating on ice, watched over Munich at night, which was so incredibly pretty.
We sleighed down a snowy mountain, threw snowballs at each other and had fun in the snow, in July.
If they told me I could fly, I would almost believe them.
They make me feel like I can, sometimes they really do.

Also, time passes like we're flying...
A day turns into an evening, another night, and then a new morning rises. It's a blur, it's incredible.

For now, I do have some things left to do. Sleeping, for an example. Having sweet dreams, getting some rest. How exhausted having fun can be... 
Tomorrow will be a new day, new impressions. 
Berlin is really interesting, it's like nothing I've ever seen before. Not that I have seen so many big cities, but still, it's visible everywhere. It's cool, there are so many things to see.

I wonder what home will be like again. I miss my family and my friends, I miss the fun we always have together. Then again, it's so wonderful to be here, how could I wish for more? 
I don't think I could.

With love,

Du brauchst die Straßenseite nicht zu wechseln, sobald du und kommen siehst.
Es gibt nichts zu befürchten, wenn du in Ordnung bist.
Falls du das Chaos liebst und auch noch Spaß verstehst,
sollten wir uns ganz kurz vorstellen, vielleicht sind wir die Gang für dich.
Wir sind das Katastrophen-Kommando auf der Suche nach einem Fest.
Falls es heute eins in dieser Stadt gibt, sei dir sicher, wir finden es.
Und wenn du noch nichts vorhast laden wir dich ein
für einen Abend, den du nie vergessen wirst, unser Ehrengast zu sein.
Es ist egal, woher du kommst, ganz egal, wohin du mal gehst.
Bleib heute abend hier, wenn du mit uns feiern willst.
Es ist egal, woher du kommst, ganz egal, wohin du mal gehst.
Laß diese Chance nicht aus, wer weiß, wann wir uns wiedersehen?

- Die Toten Hosen - 

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