Monday, November 21, 2011

This dream was me and you.

I happened to come across some pictures my sister took about half a year ago.
Surprised, interested, I started watching them.
Surprised because I immediately noticed that I knew all these places the pictures were showing me.
Interested, because I wondered if she would have seen the same things I saw two years earlier.

Of course, nothing was exactly the same. The weather conditions were different, she had a newer camera than I had, she did some other things.
But I was glad to find the city itself hasn't changed and still is as beautiful as I remember it.

Let's take a trip through some pictures, through two different minds that are the same somehow, too.
Two different persons seeing the same things. In different ways.

The coast of Blanes still looks the same... Only sunnier.
Doesn't mean less pretty. Just means different.

The sky still is blue, the leaves still are green.
The trees might have grown taller. Some might have fallen down, others might have been born out of the earth. But in this abundant garden, I don't think a chance is visible...

The sea still has that incredible attraction on me.
Do you know that feeling, when you see the sea, you just have to feel the waves, the water?

The sun still sparkles on the water, making you want to squeeze your eyes rather than looking away.

There still are birds. Though I'm not sure where my sister took this picture with the geese, I liked the fact that she also seems to like taking pictures of animals. I only wished I had seen these geese too...

The city still has it all.
The fuzzy crowded side of the city, the lovely mediterrenean influence of a southern city.

You can still see the most incredible colors. You still can buy anything you would want.
I still must smell like fresh fruit and vegetetables there...

It still is a place where I would imagine fairies living.

It's still so colorful, so lovely and such a nice place to go with friends.

It still is crazy, somehow. Gaudí, Dalí, all these great artists have had the biggest influence, and it's like nothing else I know.

The Sagrada Familia still isn't finished. Even after two years, though they must have done a lot on the inside. I saw the pictures, and it's so interesting to see the building changing. Once it's ready, I really want to go back...

There are details everywhere, now even more than two years ago.
You never are done looking around.

Comparing my own pictures to the ones my sister took, I can't deny the similarity that shows up now and then.
But what makes me wonder, is this: We both saw the same things, in the same city, same circumstances. I love the city and the people, the feeling. My sister doesn't like it at all. I can't even imagine someone not immediately loving it.
It might only be a different way of experiencing. Show two people the very same thing, and they won't see the same.

But sometimes, just sometimes, I wonder if I'm the only one who sees things in a different way.
And I wouldn't want it any other way.

With love,

I had this perfect dream.
This dream was me and you.
I want all the world to see,
A miracle sensation,
My guide and inspiration.
Now my dream is slowly coming true.

The wind is a gentle breeze,
The bells are ringing out.

They're calling us together, guiding us forever.
Wish my dream would never go away

Barcelona! It was the first time that we met.
Barcelona! How can I forget?
The moment that you stepped into the room,
You took my breath away.

- Freddie Mercury - 


Fleur said...

aaaaah Barcelona :)
ik wil echt weer terug, was zo superleuk toen haha :p

sorry trouwens dat ik nu pas weer reageer, heb mn blog n beetje verwaarloosd de laatste tijd, maar probeer nu weer wat vaker te posten :)

ohja, jij en luc zij zo koetsjiekoetsjie sjattig samen met al jullie knuffies en lieve kusjes hihi :)

Sick by Trend said...

Parq Güell ROcks! I really like these photos