Friday, September 25, 2009

Free, Fun, Funky, Friday!

Oh how I love Fridays!
They're so... Friday! School's out, no homework, just some quality time for yourself.
There is a reason why we call it Vrijdag. Vrij = Free, so literally translated, it means Freeday in Dutch, hihi.

Fridays are perfect for a lot of things. You can go out, dancing, clubbing, visit a friend, organise a party, a dinner, a girls night, or just stay at home, read a book, watch a movie, or something like that.
Fridays are my fav days for thinking about the past week, making crazy plans for the weekend, and think about the week that's going to come.
My week was allright, stayed at home Monday, felt sick, but I feel a lot better now. I do still have a cold. xD
School was boring already, I don't know... I feel a bit lonely in class. I have a lot of friends, that's not the point, but I still feel like everyone has a best friend, and I don't.
I mean, Anna is such a cute girl, I really like her sooooo much!
But she's not at the same school this year, and I really mis her. With her, I can talk all day long about fashion, clothes, designers, shoes, books, movies, music, boys, other girls, ourselves, everything!
I really have to call her this weekend.

I also have something new: Kirsten's Question of the Day.
I'll post a question everytime I'm online, it won't be every day, I simply don't have enough time, but I'll try ;-)
It'll be a simple question, just about things I think about. I like to know what people are thinking, and a bit of spiruality, philosophy, can be really good!
Just let everyone know what YOU think!

Today's question is:

If you could design your perfect lover, what would he/she be like?
Romantic? Funny? Artistic? Good-looking? Tough? Sweet? Smart? Rich? A soccer player, or a musician? Blue eyes, brown eyes, green eyes? Blonde, brown? Tall, dark, handsome?

Let me know, and enjoy your weekend!
xoxo, Kirsten

1 comment:

Fleur said...

spontaan, grappig, goed uitziend.
gewoon iemand waarmee ik lol kan maken in het leven. ik heb niks aan een saaie jongen.
ik ben het met je eens over vrijdagen; ze zijn heerlijk ^^
ik heb trouwens van een kennis een cadeautje gekregen omdat we op haar hond hebben gepast toen ze op vakantie was: een Harajuku Lover Fragrance en dan de music versie. En hij ruikt zoooo lekker! <3
x Fleur