Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Oh, THIS is so cool!


I was about to write something about my holiday so far, but then I spotted something funny on the Net (where else?)
Do you know the Italian brand Tokidoki?
Well, if you do, very good, then you can probably skip the next part.
If you don't, very good, just read and watch. ;-)
Well, Tokidoki is an Italian brand, though Tokidoki is Japanese and it means ''sometimes'' (at least, that's what they told me)
They make clothes, bags, accessoires, and funny puppets, and I adore it!
I also adore Chanel, as you know, and who's the big Chanel-Man?
Karl, indeed!
So, what's the resultation if you combine Tokidoki and Karl Lagerfeld?

First some Tokidoki stuff:

See, very cute designs, very colourful, very happy.

And these are Tokidoki-Asics sneakers. Cool, the white/orange ones are my favs. I'd buy them if I knew where I could.

And this is a Tokidoki Karl. So cool! He really looks like the real Karl!

Haha, such a funny thingey!
So, what do you think?
Funny, or stupid?
Definitely funny, if you ask me..


Fleur said...

Hm, ik heb het niet zo met karl... hij is zo eng...
maar ik ben ook naar phantasialand geweest en overal ingeweest. ik was al eens in de talokan geweest, dus ook ik heb ervaring. ben er twee keer achter elkaar ingeweest en voelde me nog steeds kiplekker. maar voordat ik erin ging, stonden we te kijken en toen moest er een jongen kotsen. echt goor. hij zat daar maar, te wachten tot dat ding omhoog kwam zodat hij uit kon stappen en hij had gewoon alles in zijn wangen. hij moest t echt ophouden... blêh!!
t eten in phantasialand is echt lekker, hea :D

Maddie said...

ooo those are some great illustrations, love the Karl L ones!x