Tuesday, November 3, 2009

In love with life!


Oh, I feel so happy right now!
I was just inspecting some blogs, and then I came across my friend Fleur's blog: MilkshakeDelighted, and she posted a picture showing to cute ladybirds, totally adorable <3
She wrote she'd like te be in love, and that made me think about being in love.

Right now, I'm not really in love with someone, I mean, there are loads of cute guys, but I don't think there is someone who makes my heart beat ten times faster. Not right now, at least. I mean, I could happen to meet Mr. Right tomorrow!

But, instead of being in love with someone, I found something better:
I'm in love with the life!
There are so many beautiful things in this world, mostly the small things which you wouldn't notice unless you look very good.
Life never leaves me alone, it takes care of me and I take care of my life, and I enjoy it!
And sometimes, life is hard to handle, but excuse me, who knows a boy who isn't?
I don't, in any case.
Boys are cute, but life lasts a lifetime, for sure!
Life offers you a lot of occasions, good times, and beautiful moments.
And what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger, that is true.

Some of the moments I truly love:
-Being in love and feeling that shock running through your body when you see him.
-Being with your friends and not being able to stop laughing about something really funny.
-Finding a perfect item while shopping, something you've been searching for a very long time.
-Finally arriving at the place of destination when you're on a holiday.
-Feeling the sun burning on my shoulders, while swimming in the pool, or lying on the grass, reading a good, romantic lovestory.
-Arriving home after a holiday, see your own place, feeling that you are were you're supposed to be.
-Being in Disneyland! I love it over there, it's just magic!
-Waking up at nine o 'clock on Saturdaymorning, knowing you have the choice between turning around and fall asleep again, or getting up and do something.
-Christmas. Is there anyone who doesn't love Christmas?

And there are much more moments I love!
I think, it's good to remember them, then you will always have a nice memory to think of when you have an off-day.
The power is in appreciating what you get, loving the people around you, doing what makes you happy, and the little things.
Like ladybirds and candy-bracelets. ;-)

A life-loving happy Kirsten

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Fleur said...

whaha, ik houd ook echt van snoep armbandjes. toen ik klein was, sabbelde ik er echt uren op (weet je wel, dan had je van die horloge snoeparmbandjes, superschattig).
weet je wat me opvalt aan jouw blog? dat jij alles zo mooi en gedetailleerd kunt opschrijven. zoiets vind ik knap, mijn complimenten, kirsten. ik wou dat ik dat zo kon.
blijf posten, ik lees je berichten altijd graag (een nééé, ik slijm niet, het is zo) :D
x Fleur