Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Let's play Three On A Row!


Last week, I was bouncing around in the house, looking for something funny to take a picture of, and then I came across my little sister's room.
I FOUND it. I really did.

Look how cute they are!
They're the IKEA Spöka lights, she ownes all three of them, and I think, IKEA should design more of them.
A yellow one, an orange one, a purple one, and a pink one. Of course.
So you can make a Spöka-Rainbow!
Wouldn't it be lovely if everything were sweet and colorful?

1 comment:

Fleur said...

hé, die ken ik! die zijn echt superleuk! verkopen ze die eigenlijk nog steeds? want dan wil ik de blauwe :)
en graag gedaan voor de stoel, hoor ;) hij moest gewoon weg, dus natuurlijk mocht je m hebben :D
t feest was echt super, hea? zie je morgen!
xx Fleur