Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Aahw... CUTE!

Now this isn't something I usually post here, but I'm so happy with it!

I was reading Perez Hilton, and I was searching for R-Patz messages (none), and then I deceided to search for new JoBro news, as I hadn't checked that for a couple of days.
So I just typed in: Jonas Brothers, totally unconscious of what had happened.
And then that line hit me right away:

The Purity Ring Is Off! Kevin Jonas Weds!
(of course, Perez writes things down his own way, I would have prefered: The Happily Ever After Of Kevin And His Danielle, but anyway)

I love weddings, they're so happy and romantic. Too bad I couldn't find any pictures of it, I'd love to see the dress (Vera Wang) and decorations and stuff. Well, maybe they'll come out in a couple of days, who knows.
Oh, I'm so happy for them! Though now there's one JoBro less up for grabs. ;-)
Congrats, Kev & Dani!

P.S.: Perez was right, now he can finally throw away his purity ring... (A)

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