Sunday, December 6, 2009

Days are getting shorter...

Oh, I've had a busy week. It was busy, but nice.
I've been working on my Sinterklaas-surprise a couple of days. We organised a Surprise-party, which means, you write down your name on a piece of paper, fold it, and then everyone puts the paper in a box and picks another. And then you're supposed to make a surprise for the one who's name is on the paper you chose. Unless you have your own paper, then you pick another.
So you buy a little present, write a poem and make a nice box to put it in.
I had Fleur, and I was glad, because I know her pretty well, and that makes it a lot easier to make something.
So, Friday evening, we all went to Anna's, and we had a lot of fun!
Anna had me, and she made me a paper Karl Lagerfeld! How cool is that?
I'll post the pictures as soon as Anna sends them to me, we had a really nice time!
Yesterday, we celebrated Sinterklaas at home.
I actually don't like it that much, but my youngest sister still believes it's all real, so this year we had to keep it up for the last year.
But, no whining, I always get a couple of present, so who am I to say I don't like it...
I received a new mascara, LancĂ´me Oscilation, the one with the vibrating brush. It's really cool, it works well! I also got the DVD of the Jonas Brothers concert (LOVE <3) and a new book, it's called Not Quite a Bride (Kirsten Sawyer) and I like the book, it's funny!

But, coming back to the partysubject...
I'm a Christmasgirl. I think. I love everything about Christmas, all the kindness, the lights, the decoration, the stuff in the shops, the cards, really EVERYTHING!
I don't even mind the cities being so crowded you van hardly walk down the streets.
Or spending all my money to presents for my family and friends. Or the cold. Or the dark days.
I took this picture out of the window, I saw that moon and I really thought it was beautiful...

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