Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A last goodbye...

I stayed at home today, I felt sick. I wanted to go to school, but when I was sitting at our kitchen table, I was so dizzy and went back to bed.
I texted my friends to tell them at school I was ill, and Dorien, the girl I tutor English on Tuesdays, to delay that.
I slept till my phone rang, at about 12.00, Dorien called me to tell she received my message and make another appointment.
But she also told me something truly sad.
She said school was out already, because a boy, Jorrik, had died...
I was really scared when I heard that, I mean, things aren't supposed to be like this, he was only seventeen! I didn't know him very well, he would go to Peru this year, too, so I've seen him a couple of times on the meetings.
Later, I heard it wasn't an accident.
He made the choice to end his life all by himself, he didn't have the strength to go on anymore.
I can't imagine how desperate he must have been, how lonely he must have felt...
It's so sad, and I feel so sorry for his family and his friends.
Guess this makes you realise how vulnerable a life is...
This comes so close, that's what makes it so difficult. I was glad I wasn't at school today, my sister said everyone was crying, teachers, students, everyone was so sad.
I would have liked to have a great time with him in Peru, but unfortunately, he couldn't make it that long.
I wanted to wish his family and close friends all the best, and hope they'll be able to give this a place once.

Dear Jorrik, we all miss you. Your place in our school will stay empty now, but you'll have a place in our hearts forever, and you'll live on in our minds. I hope you're at a better place now, in a happier world.
And maybe, one day, we all will meet again in that place. I'm sure you won't be alone.
Rest in Peace, man.

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