Monday, January 25, 2010

My dear, want a cup of coffee?


Another silent week from my side, my apologies, but woah, there's been so much on my mind!
At first I was very concerned with what happened last Tuesday, I had a hard time dealing with that. Friday was a memorial for him, half the school went there. Lots of people spoke some words about him, made music, and almost everyone had bought a rose, which we lay down on him (he was covered in sheets, no coffin). I cried a little there, but I felt only really upset that evening, when I came home from my tenniscourse, it all got too much.
I really hope that his choice was the right one for him...
Saturday we went hiking with the people who are going to Persu this summer, doing some walking-training, which was fun. I also got an subscription on Fit4Free now, so I can train or exercise whenever I feel like it!
Sunday I went to Anna, we worked in her father's house, trying to do the painting and the floors. Which looks so easy, but there was no click between us and the laminate...
We also made funny plans about sharing an appartment when we're going to college. That will be within two years, which looks far away, but on the other side, years pass so fast! Damn, we will we eightteen by then =)
Today, I just went to school. Also very, very exciting... Especially KCV (Cultural Clasical Formation, or whatever it should be called), oh how I love that subject! It's so nice I always have to pay attention to keep my eyes opened and not drifting to sleep.
Our teacher always makes strange comments, so it can be funny. Sometimes. Like, last week, we were discussing Greek Philososophy, and he said: ''This sounds a little strange now, but I will talk about the potato soon, and then everything will become clear.''
Like, whuh?

So, it's not strange at all that I could use a shot of cafeine after all this days. Luckily, my parents went to buy new Nespresso-coffee this week, so I can go for a while. (Nespresso Latte and Starbucks are the only kinds of coffee I like, the others taste so bitter)

Hmm.. I wished I was... I don't know. A happy 5-year old. No worries about school, or boys, or clothers. Just feeling a little princess, playing around and being coddled. And just tumbling through the garden, plucking the flowers and being happy.
No. I'm saying the wrong thing. I wished it was warm, a nice spring day or a summer evening, when everything feels so light and easy. And all the romantic moods hanging in the air, and being outside...
Wouldn't it be nice to live in a dreamworld, with sun, flowers, butterflies, music and dancing, love and happiness? And everything covered in pastel tints, like lilac and light blue and pink... Like my old Lego-dolls. I played so much with them, most are imcomplete and miss a leg or an arm, but I managed to create three little princesses today..

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Lego Belville <33333 :P