Monday, January 18, 2010

Let's remind the nice things...

Like snow instead of rain!
Though I was getting tired of the snow last week, and of the slippery roads which make cycling so hard, I prefer snow to rain!
I actually want it to be spring very soon now, we've had the snow and wintertime, and now I'd like a bit of warmth and sunshine. I love the sun, expecially in spring, the first day you can cycle home without your jacket, singing on your bicycle, that's lovely! Instant happy moments, is what I use to call moments like that.
But more about that later.
I made a nice pictures of the trees in our garden, when they were still all covered in white. I really like the way it looks, so soft and innocent :)
Short post today, but I have a lot to do (most of has to do with school, like translating stupid Latin textes people without a life wrote 2000 years ago).
So, have to go now, see you later!

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