Friday, March 12, 2010

Take a trip to Wonderland...

Have you already seen Burton's Alice in Wonderland?
Hm, well, neither have I, but I think I'm going next weekend. I liked the Disney animation movie, and though this one is very different, I think I'll like it. This Wonderland-thing is funny, I like the Cheshire-cat (partly because it's pink, or course), and all the magic stuff.
I want my own Wonderland, a place all designed by myself, to escape from daily routine. Too bad that's not something you buy at the mall.
I would love a large, white room, and then style it just the way I want it to be. Lots of light, colours, cuteness and nice little details.
Or a place outside, with a lake, sunsets, and trees swaying in the light breeze. And a hangmat, a huge pile of books and magazines, and someone to talk to while hanging out there. Someone like... Hm, my best friends, or a cute guy (R-Patz! :D)
I think it would be great if we all had a place to turn to, a place for ourselves, a place where no one else interrups your dreams and you could do whatever you liked.
Tell me what your Wonderland would be like!
Maybe your dreams may be like this, maybe you have already found your wonderland, maybe you don't believe in this, and maybe you agree with me when I'm saying that who believes, will find.

We see the sun,
We're gotta run towards the Wonderland
The only place where we belong
The search will never end
We push against the wind and rain
Beating tears and pain
Together we can find
Together we can find
(Sunrise Avenue- Wonderland)

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