Friday, March 5, 2010

Ladybug? Lovebug!

I came across this image just a minute ago, while I'm sitting in Room 08, actually I should be working, but no one is, and I can go home when the bell rings (which will be in, let's see, oh, 10 mins, great!), and I thought I could use my time to post a new blog.
So, the picture... I found it on Photobucket and like it!
I have this thing with ladybugs, I used to catch them with my friends when we were little. We took a little glass, put some branches and leaves in it, and then went searching for ladybirds. So innocent and childlike...
Ladybugs also remind me of love, so that explains the title... (also, Lovebug is a JoBro song which is about love, too)...
And that brings me to this: Everyone was bothering my lovelife this week. There isn't much to bother, 'cause I don't really have a lovelife, and now everyone seems to be searching me a boyfriend. (ha-ha. Hilarious)
Even my little sister is annoying me: 'You're sixteen now! You should get a boyfriend soon! What do you want to become, the next Bridget Jones?'
Excuse me, even Bridget Jones ended up well, so I still believe I will, too! I'm sure I'll be perfectly fine...
But,. time's over, see you!

xoxo, Kirsten

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Gia said...

Ofc you have time to get a boyfriend, a very special one made just for you, hihi:)
Thank you for stopping by on my blog!